Republiken Åland
Official Languages Swedish
Other Languages German, Danish, Curonian
Capital Mariehamn
Government Republic
Area 1 512 km²
Population ~ 491 000
Independence November 20th, 1924
Currency Ugrian mark

The Republic of Åland (Swedish: Republiken Åland) is an island country in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Baltic Sea, Åland Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. Åland is a part of the Ugrian Union.


As soon as the Scandinavian writing system was invented in around 200 BC, the main island Fasta Åland was mentioned as a battlefield between Proto-Goths and Palaeo-Scandinavian people. The latter were subdued before 0 AD, and Åland was incorporated as a province of the Gothic Empire. Hunnic invasions during the following centuries destroyed the empire, however, and after the final defeat of the Huns the Swedish kingdom was proclaimed.

Åland remained a county in the feodalist kingdom until 1403, when the disastrous defeat of the Swedes in a war made Åland a German duchy. However in the 25 Years' War (1570-95) Sweden beat both the military of Russia and the influence of the Hansa League, acquiring the archipelago again. But peace was only temporary - in 1596 Finnish provinces of Sweden revolted and subsequently most of them achieved independence. Afterwards Åland was a scene in almost every conflict.

After the uusliitos, new Finnish unity, was finished, the victories of Finland in the Crimean War gave Åland to their realm. In 1917, revolution toppled the kingdom of Finland and the duchy of Åland, starting a united Republic of Finland. The structure was federalized in 1969 and further devolved in 1991, with the foundation of Ugrian Union. The Ålanders have been generally satisfied with the structure.


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