Republic of Íectänia
Flag of Íectänia

Stema Íectänia

Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Vagÿa Íectanïe
(Great Iectania)
Anthem: Zuyzuÿellhgyi spa Íectänia
Íectänia Location
Capital. Kapósburg
Largest Cities. Kapósburg (~1,515,258), Vágdenburg (~650,000)
Official languages Iectanian, Slufulstacnian, Iiyishi, Ërdó, Sami-Lampi, Gau-Iectinók
Other languages Deutsch
Demonym Íectók
Plural Íectakë
 - Prime Minister of Íectänia|Prime Minister
Semi-Presidential Republic
Dévil Janosvagynumusá Aghydok
Pater Filisinimpi Sumusalve
 - Kingdoms of Íectänia
 - United Republic of Íectänia

February 1, 1666
 - Total

? 944.715,11 km²
 - 2012 census
 - Density

2/km² (2012)
Internet TLD .iec
Date Formats DD-MM-YYYY
Drives on the Right
Calling code CC58

Íectänia is an republic established in 1666 by the union of the 3 kindoms. The kindoms until 1666 was Íec Kigdom, Tánë Kigdom and Samusalva Kigdom. It's composed by 10 principal islands.


These islands have been inhabited ever since. But not until 894 that is aware of the existence of three kingdoms. These kingdoms were always at odds. One day they came to an agreement to join. In the year 1666 was proclaimed the first republic of the world. The Republic of Íectänia.


Íectänia is a country consisting of 10 islands, among others. The largest island is Íec. It has an area of 660,000 km2 and 69.000.000 people. This island is very mountainous. The island has two main massifs and the highest point is 5033 m.

Languages ​​and ethnicities

Etnicity map of Íectänia

Etnicity map of Íectänia with the 6 official lenguajes.

Íectänia is a very large country. This is why we have so many cultures and ethnicities. Each ethnic group has its own language. A part of the 6 prinicpales ethnicities also spoken German.

The most spoken language is the Iectanian and the second is the Gau-Iectanian. Gau-Iectanian language is very similar. Gau means old. The Gau-Iectanian is old-way Iectanian lenguaje.

All the other languages ​​are similar. But in the island of Slufulsa and other places spoken Slufustactian. This language is very different from the others.

The six ethnic groups are:


Íectania is is divided into regions, counties and municipalities.

The 10 principal islands are:

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