Þöns Stratt (Our Street) is a Westlandic soap opera that is the longest running television show in the country, it debuted on Rikasändingan's television channel in 1985. For many years it was also Rikasändingan's most watched show. It is broadcast on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8pm, and is repeated at 12am. It is also shown dubbed in English on ITV1 in the United Kingdom. The show follows the professional and personal lives of people who live and work on the fictional Fölks Stratt (People's Street) in Brikkstö. The show often has storylines that reflect current domestic and international events, and addresses modern day pressures and issues in Westland. The series in the past has dealt with issues ranging from alcoholism, depression, euthenasia, crime, homosexuality, sex changes, eating disorders, cancer, domestic violence, religious fanaticism, and abortion reflecting Westland's liberal attitude in many ways. The show has also dealt with some serious events which act as a segway for storyline and cast shake-ups, most notably, the Fire in 2006 and the Tram Crash in 2011. The show according to Rikasandingan tries to reflect modern life and its issues in as realistic way as possible. 


The main setting of the show is Fölks Stratt in Brikkstö, it includes five terraced houses, a block of flats, an Inn and a shop. It also has a fake government 'Alko' shop. Other locations include a fake Rikaswelð centre, a Kolleg, and some shots are filmed in the centre of Brikkstö. 

All of the interiors of the show with the exception of Alko shop and the convenience store are filmed on mock-up sets in Rikaswerkhaus in Brikkstö. Additionally, some scences and storylines have been filmed in the Canary Islands, Palma de Mallorca, and Paris. 

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