Spoken in Holy Cross (country)
Native speakers N/A  (2036)
Language family
  • Świętokrzyski
Official status
Recognised minority language in Flagofholycross Holy Cross
Regulated by Yanitokresin Instetit
Language codes
ISO 639-1 hc
ISO 639-2 hcr
ISO 639-3 phc

The Świętokrzyski language (Yanitokresin jezdo) is an official language of Holy Cross. It is mostly taken from Italian and redesigned polish.


  • A a [a]
  • B b [b]
  • C c [ʧ]
    • Č č
  • D d [d]
  • E e [e]
  • G g [g]
  • H h [h]
  • I i [i]
    • Ï ï [none] [1]
  • J j [j]
  • K k [k]
  • L l [l]
  • M m [m]
  • N n [n]
  • O o [o]
  • P p [p]
  • R r [r]
  • S s [s]
  • T t [t]
  • U u [u]
  • V v [v]
  • W w
  • Y y
    • Ý ý
  • Z z [z]


Personal pronouns

Personal pronouns in Antarian
Singular Plural
Subject Possessive Reflexive Subject Possessive Reflexive
First Kro Kne
Second Teo Tedi
Third Masculine Ouvo Ouvri
Feminine Ouva Ouvre
Neutral Ouvvo

Basic words

Yanitokresin English
Čajec Hello
Evo zdejéo[2]? How are you?
Koje Fine (Okey).


  1. It only have sense in aï ([ˈeɪ] and eï ['aɪ]
  2. eo is an morpheme, and zdeje is basic word, then doubled "e" has been changed with e-acute