Introduced September 16, 2013AB
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry ICHoC
Sponsor Ministry of Trade and Industry
Intended use Entities connected with
Flagofholycross Holy Cross
Actual use Popular domain for Latian businesses and citizens
Registration restrictions Headquarters must be located in the Holy Cross (incl. Latia)
Website http://www.registaio.hc

.hc is the top-level domain used in Holy Cross. All government websites can be accesed through it and special subdomains:


  • .gov.hc - for government websites
  • .edu.hc - for schools and other educational institutions
  • .org.hc - for non-profit organisations
  • .mil.hc - for Military and Navy
  • .biz.hc - for bussinesses in Holy Cross
  • .lat.hc - for local bussinesses in Latia

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