Lecrotia TLD Logo
Introduced 1991
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry ICLe
Sponsor Ministry of Trade and Industry
Intended use Entities connected with Flag of Lecrotia Lecrotia
Actual use Popular domain for Lecrotian businesses and citizens
Registration restrictions Lecrotian residency requirement can be enforced by challenge, but often is not
Website http://www.registro.lo

.lo is the top-level internet domain for Lecrotia. All government websites can be accessed through it, and most civilian's websites are also located on the domain.


  • .mil.lo - Lecrotian Military
  • .nav.lo - Lecrotian Navy
  • .aer.lo - Lecrotian Air Force
  • .org.lo - for Lecrotian organizations
  • .gov.lo - for Lecrotian government pages
  • .cm.lo - for pages related to Castelmagno and the district of Castelmagno
  • .cz.lo - for pages related to the district of Costa Zaffira
  • .gl.lo - for pages related to the district of Ghlainn
  • .tr.lo - for pages related to the District of Torreforte
  • .sa.lo - for pages related to the district of Salania