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The 10th Annual Federal Assembly of States is the tenth State of the Union assembly of Everetti government officials which took place on July 5th, 2012 in Washington DC at the old United States Capitol Building. The 10th Assembly discussed matters of economic reform, ongoing world events and crisis and human and civil rights. The Assembly began at 12:00 noon on July 5th, started with the President's annual State of the Union speech, followed by proposals of new laws, amendments and regulations and the voting of these amendments. Major matters to be discussed involve and affect the entire nation as a whole and included a second attempt at nationally passing federal legalization of marijuana for recreation purposes and taxation, discussions and amending of bio-hazard and disaster response, prevention and relief systems and issues with international organizations and foreign policy.

State of the Union Address 2012

Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer (President of the Union of Everett):

  • Foreign Policy
    • Global Instability
    • Terrorism
    • United Nations
      • ATT
        • Rights of Everetti Gun Owners
    • Global Human Rights
  • Everett
    • Economy
    • Military
    • Tobacco/Alcohol vs Marijuana
    • Civil Rights

Laws & Amendments

  • National Authorization of Marijuana & Taxation Act: "The Act shall legalize across all 40 of the states of the Union of Everett the regulated production, distribution, sale and taxation of recreational marijuana use as similar to the current standings of tobacco and alcohol industry and criminal justice and law enforcement standards for enforcement of the use of legalized marijuana products including but not limited to, age of use, motor vehicle law and federal sale and tax regulation." The Act was passed by a slim majority vote.
  • Bio-Terrorism Emergency Protocol Authorization Act:

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