Flag of Howland
National Assembly of Howland
129th Ordinary Session
Structure Bicameral
Houses 33rd Senate
22nd House of Representatives
Convoked Monday, August 5, 2013
Prorogued Thursday, December 5, 2013
President of Howland
Prime Minister
Leader of the Opposition
President of the Senate
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Seats 81
27 Senators
54 Representatives
33rd Howland Senate Diagram
Senate political groups Government (11)

Opposition (9)

Cross-Bench (7)

22nd Howland House Diagram
House of Representatives political groups Government (30)

Opposition (21)

Cross-Benchers (3)

Last Senate election June 30, 2013
Last House of Representatives election June 24, 2012
Meeting places
Senate Phoenix Hall, Finnerty, Blakeport
House of Representatives Assembly Complex, Blakeport
◄ 128th Ordinary Session
130th Ordinary Session ►

The 1st Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of Howland was a session of the National Assembly of Howland convoked on August 5, 2013, by the President of Howland.  The session lasted 122 days before being prorogued by the President on December 5, 1949.


This was the first session of the 33rd Senate of Howland, one-third of which was elected at the 2013 senate election in June 2013.  The Social Democrats won four of the nine seats contested at the election, giving them 11 seats in total, three seats short of a majority.  Independence won three seats, reducing their numbers in the Senate from ten to nine.

The Progressives and the Conservative Alliance won two seats each, and one seat each was held by the Christian Democratic Party, the Howland Green Party and the new Students' Party, who entered the National Assembly for the first time.

Despite not having an overall majority in the Senate, the Social Democrats were supported by the Progressives and the Green Party, giving their caucus a majority vote share of 14 seats.  The Students' Party, while refraining from allying with either the Government or the Opposition, is likely to side with the Government on most issues.

House of Representatives

Major legislation enacted

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