1986 Coup d'état attempt
Date 6 July 1986
Location Castelmagno, Flag of Lecrotia Republic of Lecrotia
Result Coup failed
Alleanza Lecroziana disbanded
Several militants fled from Lecrotia and captured in 1989
Alleanza Lecroziana
Alleanza Lecroziana
Flag of Lecrotia
Supported by: Lecrotian Army
Lecrotian National Police
Interess Malti
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Franco Torrignini
Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Giorgio Druddu
Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Arrigo Mafalchi 

Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Mario Pinozzi
Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Amilcare Grossi
Flag of Alleanza Lecroziana Gianni Albi 
Presidential Flag of Lecrotia Pres. Mario Loggia
Flag of the Lecrotian Army Gen. Alberto Foutidis
Flag of Lecrotia George Pixot
520 militants 500 Police officers
100 Land Army soldiers
50 Presidential Guards
Casualties and losses
68 deaths
101 injures
307 captured
1 military death
50 military injuries
5 civilian deaths
32 civilian injuries

The Lecrotia coup d'état attempt was an incident occured in July 6th, 1986, when the far-right movement Alleanza Lecroziana tried to seize Lecrotian government buildings and several headquarters of ethnical minoritiy-representing movements and establish a fascist state, the Stato Lecroziano (Lecrotian State).

A first attack began at 07:42 at the Castelmagno Synagogue (killing one civilian), and three attacks began hours later at the Interess Malti headquarters (at 08:57, injuring 7 party members), at the Garmino Tinkietist Church (at 09:32, killing two) and at Piazza Turchi (at 10:04, killing two civilians and injuring 25). At 11:30, Mario Loggia declared state of emergency, which would last until 12:00 of the next day. The airport was closed and public transport agencies stopped operating until the state of emergency finished.

After moments of clashes between the fascists and the policemen in various cities (in which 50 criminals were killed and 1 soldier died), at 18:00, the President ordered the capture of Franco Torrignini and Giorgio Druddu. At 20:05, Arrigo Mafalchi, the one who started the first attack, and Gianni Albi, who set the bomb at Piazza Turchi, were found dead at Via Giulia, near Piazza Turchi, under unknown circumstances. At 21:38, two other criminals were arrested:

  • Mario Pinozzi, 38, the one who set the bomb at the Interess Malti headquarters;
  • Amilcare Grossi, 32, the one who started the attack at the Garmino Tinkietist Church which killed two civilians.

Around 23:15, the two most important hierarchs were captured by the LNP, aided by the Presidential Guards. Nine days later, the far-right movement was disbanded and its recreation was since then banned. All the AL members which stayed in Lecrotia were arrested and later jailed.

At 09:00 of the following day, around 40 militants fled from Lecrotia to avoid prosecution and went disappearing. They were captured in 1989 in Rome, as a result of a Lecrotian-Italian police operation. Among the arrested, there was Maurizio Toccioni, who was said to have collaborated in the Piazza Turchi bombing.