1st Avalonian War
Location Avalon
Result Sillian defeat. Jasper to Nanteos
Knights of Nanteos Knights of Nanteos
Nanteos Kingdom of Nanteos
Coalition of Justice Avalon
Silla Silla

Old Flag of Silla. Silla surrendered to the Coalition of Justice ending the 1st Avalonian War

The 1st Avalonian War, was a war started by Silla to take control of the island of Avalon and regain religious sites contained on the island. Silla claimed the Kingdom of Avalon had desecrated these religious sites and it was their job to protect them.


The Knights of Nanteos joined the war out of claimed moral obligations. With help from the Knights, Avalon was able to protect their city. The Sillian army however was able to take control over the southern part of the island.

The King of Nanteos at the time, King George I declared war on Silla to "help the knights defend a peaceful people" and "protect Nanteon interests in Dirio". The Kingdom of Nanteos invaded a poorly defended western border of Silla and captured the city of Jasper.

Coalition of Justice

Coalition of Justice made up of the Knights of Nanteos, The Kingdom of Nanteos, and Avalon. The Coalition of Justice defeated Silla in the 1st Avalonian War

Peace Declared

Fearing things would turn from bad to worse, Silla surrendered to the Knights of Nanteos, Kingdom of Avalon and the Kingdom of Nanteos. Silla agreed to pay 15 million Jakes to Avalon. They also surrendered control of the city of Jasper to Nanteos.

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