The grand mirkuleon empire
Mirkuleon Empire
Motto: our land, our blood and our king
Anthem: lands born from fire
Royal anthemGod save the Emperor
Capital White mountain
Largest city white mountain
Official languages Elder Imperial mirkuleon, high noble mirkuleon, High elven
Recognised regional languages Noluk, various mirkuleon dialects, Elven languges, Dwarven languages, human languages and various creoles.
Mirkuleon colloquial mirkuleon dialects, Elder Imperial mirkuleon, high noble mirkuleon
Ethnic groups

Mirkuleon 68% Human 16% Elf 8%

other 8%
Demonym Imperial subject
Government Monarchy with a strong military presense
Legislature Imperial advisors
Imperial family
Independent empire
• Eternal wars
4th half moon 0AV
• Density
450/km2 (1,165.5/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
Gini 80
very high
HDI 0.649
Currency ulucur
Drives on the left
Patron saint Freshkiour
The 1st mirkuleon empire was the most powerful and technologicaly advanced mirkuleon state. It was founded in 0 AV and declined due to the rise in communism in 98600 AV during the sixth era

==History timeline  == The empire was founded by kevousalar 1st who won the eternal war between the Udroins and the Mirkuleons and than later defeated his rival clan of the wolfborns in the civil war.

All male wolfborns were killed and all their women were raped and married off to bearborn men as trophies, all clans are now official vassal clans to the bear borns

The empire later expanded by invading various elven and human nations, as the domiant power it was only challenged by a few states such as the slugmen, the freelanders, the shipmen and the Satoroto empire.

It gave freedom to these lands and the nations freed other nations and invaded nations, the Imperial family however never changed for mirkuleons are very long lived and they their ancestories are direct

After the dwarven crisis most of the Imperial power was lost and there was a slave, thralls and serf rebillion led by communist leaders, they exiled the Imperial family and ended slavery and tried to make the empire into a union of republics. At first many commoners welcomed the change

Mirkuleon empire height of power

mirkuleon empire height of power

history and demise

The mirkuleon lands were first settled by mirkuleons around one million years ago they were a tribal people who had not even discovered stone or fire. They came across the udroins who were also primative, the two races were split into many tribes who often fought and intermarried with each other.The mirkuleons and the udroin warrerd fro many years with the end result the complete genocide of the udroin people and then mirkuleons had their own civil war between the two most major of their clans the wolfborns and the bearborns. This ended with a bearborn victory, the empire than expanded across to the elven lands in east and then expanded further into the artic polar regions and then to the east to the yaladar island and the many surronding ilses. During this expansion the mirkuleon empire enslaved and murdered thousands of peoples by using them to sacrifice to their ancestors and that their belief that they were second only to their ancestor gods and that all people were lesser than they were. The mirkuleon empire later went down south to invade the lands of human tribes and forced them to exodus to the lands west of the western. The people created new nations such as new freeland which were nostalgiac versions of their old human kingdoms. The new human nations later went to war with the empire and won. The liberated human nations sort alliances with more human nations to the south and so the mirkuleon navy expanded its influences throughout most of the east ocean and sort out alliances with the sataro empire. During the discovery of dwarven technology the mirkuleon empire reached its peak and became peaceful as well as advanced in science and the arts. After the dwarven crisis the empire along with most of the world's super powers were completely left in destruction. The mirkuleon empire was filled with rebel terrorities and later went through the period called the red madness. 

  • mirkuleon empire pre dwarven crisis
  • miruleon empire falls

political structure

Mirkuleon society was very heirachal with the imperial family owning all the buinesses and all of the property within the empire, . The monarchy's ownership of industry allowed the empire's economy to be regulated and slow. The Emperor had absloute power for he was considered divine, women could not become empresses as this was seen as unholy for the emperor was the mortal incarnation of the great ancestor spirit bear of the bearborn clan. Second down from the emperor were his sons who often governed provinces and colonies, there was no set way of choosing which son became empeor so after the current died they would often fight each other for the throne. The Imperial family, the people who were related to the emperor, they often acted as advisors and could call in councils and votes for the people however they too were under the empeor's power and could be killed off if he thought they were too rebelleous. 

mirkuleon political heirachy role
The emperor Governs and rules the entire empire 
Crowned princes the strongest sons of the emperor who rule the many provinces, after the death of the current empeor, the crowned princes
Imperial dynasty The Imperial family have great power and can call assembly and have influence over the emperor. 
noblemen Heridatery noblemen who are not members  of the imperial family have power
the elite the highly educated and military elite who came from all mirkuleon social groups
mirkuleon peoples ordinary mirkuleon yeomans, herders, soldiers and peasants had power over their own families and were not considered serfs
non mirkuleon peoples  serfs and slaves, they were given menial jobs and had no protection in the law


The Emperor is traditionally chosen through male primogenture however it was often claimed by those strongest in the nobility.

date of birth and date of death/abdication claims to the throne achivements during and before reign Clan
Kevousalar the victorius Born 5000 BV and abdicated around four hundred AV Won the eternal war and defeated the udroin king in hand to hand combat, thus completed the prophecy. 

Destroying the nation of udroins.

Helping fix infranstructure and uniting the clans.

Victor of the eternal war

Auchdartiokie the wise Born 5010 BV and died 750 AV Took throne illegally by framing kevousalar and his clan. introducing religious tolerance. Polar expiditions  wolfborns
Kevousalar the grand and victorius I Born 5000 BV and died 4000 AV retook the throne at the battle of white mountain in 750 AV. 

Victor of the cvil war

colonisation of the elven kingdoms.

kevousalar II the decended Born 700 AV and died 4860 AV son of kevousalar I first decended emperor, invaded yaladar and died fighting human tribes in the south Bearborns
kevousalar III born 860 Av and died in 8000 AV son of kevousalar II conquered human lands yet was defeated by human exodus. won war against wizards. introduced dwarven technology Bearborns
kevousalar IV 1000 AV and died in 9000 AV son of kevousalar III Reigend for an era of prosperity and peace. The only emperor to never shed blood Bearborns
Smaqatl I the benefactor 1200 AV and died in 11200 AV cousin of kevousalar III introduced dwarven technology Eagleborns

smaqatl II

the mad and almighty

11200 AV-21200 son of smaqatl Insane yet highly effective ruler who was well liked for his eccentric behaviour and tactiful decision making Eagleborns
maeendar the imortal  21200 AV-986,000 AV brother of smaqatl II and related to kevousalar's line Made himself immortal through dark magic and dwarven science, ruled up until dwarven crisis thus longest ruling emperor Eagleborns and Bearborn


The empire is primarly mountains with vast polar artic wastelands as well as cold icy moorlands, there was little farmland which was the main reason for Imperial expansion, during the empire's height the empire owned the entire east ocean and thus could supply its population with fish and foods from more fertile lands. The enviroment was home to large herds of animals and giant two headed ostrich like creatures known as dachaukas. 


The empire's mainland is entirely comprised of mirkuleons whilst colonies were comprised of mainly humans, elves and giants who were often alocted to slave roles. 


There was little public education instead most people learned trades from their parents, only scribes and scholars went on to do higher learning


The military had always been the backbone of mirkuleon society, there was conscription for all healthy men and all women had to bear at least a dozen children each. The military was so powerful that it was essentially the ruling clan as the imperial clan would only permit its female members to take husbands from their own cousins or the military. The military numbered around thirty million personal and was often enganged with warfare with humans.


God save the emperor

God guide his holy reign

God help him guide us

relationships with forgien nations

The empire had good relationships with sataro empire to the east but had bad relationships with other human states


The mirkuleons were the dominant race in the empire, holding lordship over large areas of land and colonies. The Emperor held all the power and was often very learned as he engaged in political affairs more than average royalty does.

The hardy and strong culture which glorified war and masculinity still stayed true to the hearts of the mirkuleons but now through great compossers instead of bards wrote songs of the great feat, the majority of bards, singers and the most famous of these are the guild of wandering bards who sing songs and travel by foot across the land in exchange for food and beds in inns.

Archieture which relied on beauty and maginifice aided by magic and by dwarven technology rather than utilitartarian designs of human buidlings.

Society is comprised of various great clans who rule small vassal tribes who work the land and provide foot soldiers to the noblemen below them are slaves who are seen as mere property and are often traded for no less than a small knife or a shoe.

The military is very important for all men must serve at least thirty years, all of the goverment resources goes into the army as it is the most profitable organisation for the native mirkuleon land is very mountaines and cold so good farm land is rare, so the empire invades lands for farmlands and enslaves most of the invaded people and forces them to work in mines or on farms.

During this time period of great wealth many scientists and artists could flourish despite ultra traditionalist values of the Imperial family.

People were also introduced to forgien culture through impiral expanison, this gained many people insights into differet religions and ways off life, it was mainly cuisine, concubines and valuables such as historical artifects which were welcomed and treasured among the elite. The noblemen and elite were more welcoming to forgieners for they often profited from them whilst the religious priests and the poor tended to be more suspecions of forgieners.