1st Norman Division
1st Norman
The Seal of the 1st Norman Division
Founded 2007
Country 22x20px Imperium Skandinavisk
22x20px Kingdom of Normandy
Allegiance Jarl of Normandy
Branch Marine force
Type Joint marine-land force
Role International and domestic use for the Jarl
Size 20,000
Part of Skandinavisk Forsvaret
NRM Caen
Colors Blue, White
Engagements Battle of Logos, Battle of Tripoli, Battle of Yarphese Peninsula
Jarl of Normandy Sakrie Pyrige
Ensign 85px

The 1st Norman Division of the Skandinavisk Forsvaret is an military division representing the Kingdom of Normandy. While the group is widely unknown of, the Brigade is heavily trained against enemy forces, and specializes in defense of the Jarl, Sakrie Pyrige and is directly controlled by the Jarl himself. While most actions are secretly carried out against the wishes of the Jarl due to his peaceful human nature as a child, they are typically done in the nature of goodwill for the people of the nation.

Pratices & Human Rights Issues

They are extremely traditional, and are the ceremonial guard for the nation, while on ships, they are known to place large drums at the bow and stern of the ships to preform several war beats against the enemy, which as seen as silly or dumb to several military generals, its seen by the 1st Norman Division as a intimidation tatic.

When boarding shores of enemy nations such as Libya in 2011, and the Mandinka Federation in 2012 several shore towns were pillaged as an act as an offering to the Jarl, Sakrie Pyrige, in which a divinity cult has arose in the Division, as well with Old Norse religion, surprisingly. While such claims of divinity of the Jarl have been denied, several times, the group still practices its traditional values. When raiding shore towns, when in Mandinka Federation which they would lead demolition raids, in which fishing and defensive measures would be destroyed. While these tactics are seen as in-humanenly they are seen as its doing more good for the international community and the LGBT and oppressed populations.

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