2007 Pravus–Israeli War
GA-02 Assault - Israel
A force of GA-02 Navy Drones attacking the city of Ashkelon
Date 17 Feburary 2007–4 August 2007
Location Israel
  • Pravus military and political victory
  • Formation of Pravan Palestine
Logo of Pravus International Pravus International Flag of Israel Israel
Commanders and leaders
Logo of Pravus International Julius Marshall
Logo of Pravus International Abigail Townsend
Logo of Pravus International Stephan Nash
Flag of Israel Shimon Peres
Flag of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Flag of Israel Rav Aluf Benny Gantz
Combat Legion VII:
50,000 GA combat drones
  • 35,000 GA-01 units
  • 2,000 GA-02 units
  • 5,500 GA-03 units
  • 7,500 GA-04 units
Israel Defense Forces:
  • 176,500 active personnel
  • 445,000 reserve personnel
Casualties and losses
1,724 units destroyed
4,359 units damaged
12,574 killed
53,693 wounded
1,500 missing
The 2007 Pravus–Israeli War was a brief military conflict which took place between Pravus International and the State of Israel. The Israeli government was outraged by the fact that Pravus would provide its regional enemy, Iran, with nuclear technology needed to develop nuclear power plants superior to anything used in the Middle East. They were equally outraged when Iran didn't develop nuclear weapons as Israel had stated Iran would do, and Pravus' defamatory campaign denoucing the Israeli government, and of the assassinations of Iranians that Israel had commited, all exposed by Pravus.

Israel embarked upon a campaign to rid the region of Pravus' holdings, killing or kidnapping any Pravus employees that had been present in Iran. Pravus struck back enacting a corporate clause that permitted the corporation to engage in a military conflict with a nation-state using its corporate military forces. The war saw the percieved invincibility of Israel smashed by Pravus and its technologically superior drone forces. Since the conflict, Pravus has refused to turn the conquered land over to a legitiment governmental authority following a United Nations resolution that was aimed at restoring Israel.