The 2008 General Elections of Lusitania are the most recently elections in Lusitania, made on 15 October 2008. The Union Socialdemócrata won the election with 32% nationally. They got 74 seats of representatives, but were second in the senate. So they had to make a colaition with the Centro Laranja and Verde, because Conservatives and Liberals had united together. but they still have the minority in the senate, so the government has a dangerous position. The monarquists and Nationalists did not get a minimun of 5% so they do not have any seats.

General results

Party name Votes in percent
Union Socialdemócrata 32%
Conservative Party of Lusitania 27%
Liberal Party of Lusitania 16%
Centro Laranja 12%
Verde 6%
Partido Monarquista 4%
Partido Nacionalista 3%


Party Seats
Union Socialdemócrata 74
Conservative Party of Lusitania 62
Liberal Party of Lusitania 36
Centro Laranja 22
Verde 14
Partido Monarquista 0
Partido Nacionalista 0


Party Seats
Conservative Party of Lusitania 25
Union Socialdemócrata 19
Liberal Party of Lusitania 17
Centro Laranja 10
Verde 7
Partido Monarquista 0
Partido Nacionalista 0

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