2009 Iran War
Part of Middle Eastern Wars
Date March 10-November 22, 2009
Location Iran, Iraq, Persian Gulf, North Saudi Arabia
Flag of Iran Islamic Iran
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Jordan Jordan
Flag of West Iran West Iran
Ioan flag IOAN Coalition:
Flag of the United Republic United Republic
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of India India
Flag of Russia Russia
20px Saudi Arabia
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Iran Mahmoud Ahdaminejad
Flag of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari
Flag of West Iran ???
Flag of the republic of liberty Walter Montgomery
Flag of the republic of liberty James Harrison
Flag of Israel Shimon Peres
Flag of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Flag of India Pratibha Patil
Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin
800px-Flag of the United States svg Barack Obama
800px-Flag of the United States svg Joe Biden
Flag of the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II
Flag of the United Kingdom David Cameron
20px King Abdullah
Flag of Iraq Jalal Talabani

The 2009 Iran War, also known as the Iranian Liberation War, was an armed conflict fought between Islamic Iran and its allies and newly formed West Iran and its allies.

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