The Invasion of Brazil, known in PAFF and NATO as Operation: Restoring Liberty, is an ongoing and multi-level long term invasion, liberation, occupation and recovery military operation led by PAFF, NATO and the Security Alliance to rescue Brazil from the genocidal hands of the Mandinkan military. Following the end of the Amazon Campaign, a Mandinkan Federation military campaign to invade and destroy Brazil which failed and resulted in Mandinka's announced withdrawal from the continent, joint global task forces entered Brazil to recover and repair the tremendous damages induced by the Mandinkan armies, which were soon officially declared by the United Nations and the International Criminal Court as severe international war crimes and human rights violations, charged against the government and leadership of Mandinka and its top military officials.

Invasion & Initial Combat

The first forces to enter Brazil were joint coalition forces that had been in the region for nearly three years, providing aid and assistance to Brazilian rebels against the Mandinkan forces. As Mandinka withdrew forces, Union of Everett Marines, numbering in 150,000 and over 200,000 droids were forced to utilize intense urban combat against the Mandinkan ex-convict armies of the MEF, resulting in heavy casualties as Mandinkans troops were forced to flee. Aerial attacks secured air superiority over 80% of the inland areas of Brazil as Mandinkan troops withdrew into the coast to board vessels and leave for home. With reports that Mandinkan troops were ordered to destroy and demolish civilian targets including schools and hospitals, the joint coalition was forced repeatedly to launch intense strikes against Mandinkan forces, increasing enemy casualty counts. The first Naval forces arrived on Monday, May 28, 2012, deploying large numbers of ground forces and humanitarian aid into the northern regions of Brazil and from Argentina, into southern cities such as Porto Alegre. By afternoon of the 28th, two Everetti aircraft carrier battle groups and two battleship battle groups entered into the coastal areas of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. With the last of the Mandinkans gone from Brazil, PAFF confirmed a total death toll of 450,000+ Mandinkan troops and a total of seven sunken warships resulting from space based orbital bombardment since the start of Mandinka's invasion of Brazil in 2008. By May 31st, the largest majority of Everetti emergency aid had arrived into the major coastal cities of Brazil including a volunteer fleet of Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines luxury cruise vessels, designated to be used by the PAFF DRA and allied forces as a fleet of floating hospital ships and recovery centers.

Humanitarian Operations

Luxury Cruise Volunteerism

Union of Everett Homeland Defense System Volunteers

PAFF Disaster Relief Administration

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