2012 Invasion of Venezuela
Part of Conquest of Venezuela
2012 IoV Amph. Assault
Hurian troops landing on the shores of Venezuela
Date 25 July 2012 - 26 July 2012
Location Venezuela
Result Tactical Hurian victory, new pro-Texan government installed, Liquidation of Venezuela
Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation
Flag of Jamaica (FW) Jamaica
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela 22x20px Kingdom of Texas
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Hurian Federation Benjamin Williams
Flag of the Hurian Federation Nandi Mashaba
Flag of the Hurian Federation Panya Kororia
Flag of Jamaica (FW) Cheiku Savane
Flag of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Flag of the Kingdom of Texas Matthew O'Henry
Flag of the Kingdom of Texas General Julia Van
Flag of the Hurian Federation 57,000
Flag of Jamaica (FW) 40,000
Flag of Venezuela 114,000 Flag of the Kingdom of Texas 1st Texan Elite Battalion 1,250
2nd Texan Elite Battalion 1,250
3rd Texan Elite Battalion 1,250
Texan Oceanic Fleet 30,000
Casualties and losses
Estimated: 13 killed, 47 wounded 2,768 killed, 17,000 wounded TBD
The 2012 Invasion of Venezuela is an on-going conflict between the Hurian Federation and Jamaica, against Venezuela. The Hurians are seeking to replace the corrupt government under President Hugo Chavez with a better functioning one. They also seek to replace him with a loyal Hurian ally, who can aid them in the region. Hurian troops in Jamaica were headed to the shores of Venezuela before the offical declaration of war, preventing the Venezuelan military from preparing itself for the attack. Recently, the Hurians and their Jamaican allies withdrew from the country after the Venezuelan leader disappeared with his family. However, the Venezuelans loyal to him were either killed or arrested, and the government left in the capable hands of Lola Seguin, a pro-Texan politican who was recently crown Duchess of the Duchy of Venezuela.


Following the events in Jamaica in June, the Hurian War Council agreed that aiding the people of a nation would result in a more commited ally nation in the event something should ever happen. Looking for powerful regional allies in the Americas, Venezuela was picked, noting its massive oil reserves, excellent urbainzation, and perfect geopolitical location. Plans were set up to fin a way of getting into the country, soon enough, two were fund. The first and most obvious was corruption. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, was corrupt beyond a doubt, and the people were not to fondof his leadership. Huria saw this as a vehicle for their own plans in th region, and used it to justify their invasion of Venezuela. The second was not as justifiable. Followng the Hurian withdrawal of troops from Brazil in June of 2012, Venezuelan troops were spotted aiding the enemy forces in pursuit of the Hurians and their allies. It was later discovered that Venezuela commited 10,00 troops to the war effort to expel Huria from Brazil. Following the complete withdraw, Hurian planes flew over Brazil dropping pamphlets stating "We shall return!" These same pamphlets were dropped over Venezuela as well, alluding to the Hurians' plans in the future.

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