• 7th: Gennady Zyuganov calls the October General Assembly of the Pact to a beginning, with the topics of the Assembly focusing on the Freedom of Religion in the Americas, the Middle East, Western Europe, and India. The Pope's power in Rome is being heavily debated by many officials from the Soviet Union, though officials in the Americas and in Europe support the Pope's continued power. The prominence of Islam and Hinduism is also being debated.
  • 8th: Hugo Chavez wins a third reelection in Venezuela, and the vote is approved by the Pact General Assembly. Meanwhile, the National Socialist Committee of the Socialist States argues that the Freedom of Religion must be protected in order for equality to be sustained in Pact countries. A counter argument by Sweden claims that true equality can be promoted through state atheism. The debate continues on in Moscow.
  • 10th: America and Russia, said World War III. American soldier can take Black Sea from Russian navy.
  • 21st: A Russian sniper, a KGB agent too, his name Yuri Petrenko, get a bad news, his ex-wife, Natasha Elena was married with a American soldier. He was very angry, so he, accept a mission to kill Obama, and then he was infiltrate Capitol Hill and killed all senate, after that, he was searched the president of United States, Barrack Obama in White House, and shoot him. After Obama died, KGB agent do a revolution with CP USA, but Yuri become the first man who burned USA flag on the rooftop of White House, like Soviet soldier won World War II in Reichstag, Berlin.

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