1st Party 2nd Party 3rd Party 4th Party
Progressive Democrats Conservative Kruzean Freedom Movement The Greens
56% 24% 15% 5%
Leader : Tessa Sharples Michael Azoff

The 2014 Kruzean Federal Election was held on February 9th, 2014, to elect the members of the Kruz Islands Parliament : The High Council. This election is very important for Kruzean politics seen as the members of parliament elect the president and the government of the Kruz Islands

This election was won by the center-left Progressive Democrats, who obtained a large majority in parliament with 56% of the popular vote. The Conservative Party in government was heavily defeated and won the fewest seats in its history, and party leader President Michael Azoff was defeated in his own constituency. This major defeat is seen as a response to the huge banking scandal, the Mafawa scandal, which involved many party officials and cabinet ministers, incluing President Michael Azoff. 

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