The 2nd House of Representatives of Howland was a term of the House of Representatives of Howland. Its composition was determined at an election held on June 29, 1952. It consisted of 30 members and was in place from 1952 to 1955. The first sitting of the 2nd House was held at noon on August 5, 1952, where members were sworn in and Paul Harrington was re-elected Speaker of the House. The 2nd House ceased to exist upon the convocation of the 3rd House at noon on August 5, 1955.

The House was elected under a system of majoritarian representation, in which its 30 members were elected to represent single-member constituencies (geographical electorates) under full-preference instant runoff voting. The Independence Party of Howland held a majority with 18 of the 30 seats, with the Howland Social Democrats holding the remaining 12. Ben Goodwin served as Prime Minister of the Independence-led 2nd Government.

1952 election

Membership changes

The following changes took place as a result of the election:

  • 3 incumbent Representatives retired
  • 27 incumbent Representatives sought re-election
    • 23 of those were re-elected
    • 4 failed to be re-elected
  • 7 successor Representatives were elected
    • 7 were elected for the first time
    • 0 had previously been Representatives
  • 1 incumbent female Representative failed to be re-elected, and 1 successor female Representative was elected, keeping the overall total of women in the House the same, at 2.

Members of the 2nd House

Independence Party of Howland (18)

  Name Constituency Term in Office Notes
  Stephen Caldwell Warren 2nd 1949–
  Rodney Dixon Kinlan 2nd 1949–
  Ron Douglas Estuary 2nd 1949–1955
  Horance Dunlap Calhoun 1st 1952–1955
  Matthew Frame Hayes 1st 1952–1955
  Ben Goodwin Clarke 2nd 1949–
  Terrence Graves Conroy 2nd 1949–
  Jim Hale Greene 2nd 1949–
  Paul Harrington Mitchell 2nd 1949–
  Nelson Hogan Ash 2nd 1949–1955
  Marvin Hubbard Clayworth 2nd 1949–
  Mark Lee Helensville 2nd 1949–1955
  Bertie McGee Valley 2nd 1949–
  Alphonso Murphy Whelan 2nd 1949–
  Wilfred Nelson Kingsford 1st 1952–
  Preston Robbins De Forest 2nd 1949–
  Frank Watson Three Rivers 2nd 1949–
  Luther Wilkins Shaw 2nd 1949–


Howland Social Democrats (12)

  Name Constituency Term in Office Notes
  Charles Ainsworth Blakeport Hills 2nd 1949–
  Gwendolyn Bowman Cosgrove 2nd 1949–
  Noel Hicks Wyatt 1st 1952–1955
  Timothy Kelley Blakeport Central 2nd 1949–
  Chad Lewis South Blakeport 2nd 1949–
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  • Shadow Minister for Health and Education
  Ralph Nelson Warrick 2nd 1949–
  • Shadow Minister for Finance
  • Shadow Minister for Trade and Economic Affairs
  Charles Oakes Ravensdale 1st 1952–1955
  Dominic O'Brien Voxall 1st 1952–
  Arthur Sherman Armstrong 2nd 1949–
  • Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
  Shane Simpson Lappin 2nd 1949–
  Ella Timmins Barlow 1st 1952–
  Rex Wright Southway 2nd 1949–
  • Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

By-elections during the 2nd House

There were no by-elections during the 2nd House.


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