4SS Mudkip (Lulz-class)
4SS Mudkip Lulz Class
4SS Mudkip (Lulz-class)
Career Flag of Marcabian Fleet
Nationality: 4chanistan
Operated by: 4chanistan Marcabian Fleet
Ordered: 0
Laid down: 2006 (Iran)
Launched: 2010 (Iran)
2013 (4chanistan)
Commissioned: 2010 (Iran)
2013 (4chanistan)
Home port: 4chanistan Harbor
Status: Active
Motto: For XENU!
General characteristics
Displacement: 1,500 tons
Length: 310 ft
Beam: 34 ft
Power: Diesel
Propulsion: 10,000 hp Diesel
Speed: 30 knots
Complement: 140 crew
Crew: 57
Armament: x1 Fajr-27 76mm cannon
x2 20mm cannon
x2 .50 caliber support gunnery
4 × SSMs C-802 / Noor
2 × triple 324 mm light torpedoes
4 × Fajr SAMs; SM-1 copy
Aircraft carried: x1 medium size helicopter

4SS Mudkip is the official name of 4chanistan's current only full-size naval vessel. Designated by 4chanistan members as the Lulz-class Destroyer, the vessel was acquired following the Iran-4chanistan Incident in which Iran retaliated against 4chanistan and Anonymous' devastating cyber attacks against Iranian computer systems.


The Iranian frigate, the Jamaran, a class of Iranian built Destroyer-Frigate was captured by 4chanistan following a violent standoff in the Bahamas. Iran, after suffering a barrage of powerful cyber attacks against military servers, air defense, and radar, deployed the Jamaran to the island in the hopes of wiping the island out with a barrage of naval bombardments from the sea. 4chanistan fought back over a several day standoff, gunning down a dozen Iranian crew aboard the vessel and later using a light motor raft to bomb the side of the ship to disable it. With Everetti naval and air power in the region, 4chanistan's military forces stormed the ship and captured the remaining Iranian crew. The vessel was towed to 4chanistan harbor and over a period of two years, rebuilt and studied on its uses. Ignoring demands from Iran's Ahmadinejad regime to return the ship, 4chanistan in 2011 designated the ship as a Lulz-class Destroyer. In 2013, successfully manned, studied and functional, the ship was deployed as the 4SS Mudkip, named after the water Pokemon meme Mudkip. 4SS became the official naval designation for sea-faring vessels.


The Mudkip possesses an Iranian Fajr-27 76mm cannon, installed during the building of the Jamaran. Originally as part of the captured vessel in 2010, the Mudkip possesses Iranian armaments including 20mm manned cannons and machine guns, two 324mm light torpedos, four SM-1 Fajr surface-to-air missiles and four Chinese built surface-to-surface missiles of C-802 and Noor models. Also installed by Iran during its construction, the Mudkip possesses Iranian advanced radar and sonar systems and electronic warfare capability.


The Mudkip vessel is powered by two 10,000 hp engines, and uses four diesel generators which each generate 550 kW. The Mudkip can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots. Mudkip can accommodate a medium size helicopter and can also run a helicopter in-flight refueling (HIFR) operation when a helicopter approaches on the landing platform, which is not necessarily suited for landing operations. At a length of 310 feet and width of 34 feet, the ship displacement of water totals 1,500 tonnes.

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