The 4chanistan Public Farms is a recent development on the island. The Island Public Farms include a variety of fields for growing food supplies including open fields maintained by residents for growing vegetables, fruit and currently, dairy-producing livestock. The farms are open to the entire island's residents and the farm currently employs about 110 personnel.


The farms consist of several fields for growing of vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and peas. Fruit include fruit bearing trees, purchased from South America which were uprooted and transported to the island for replanting. Fruits now include banana trees, citrus trees such as lemons and oranges, and apple trees. In greenhouses, smaller edible plants and fruits are grown including cherries, raspberries, olives, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and nuts such as peanuts. The farms recently include coconut trees, pear trees, pineapples, a sunflower seed field and a wheat field.


At the moment, the public farms only produce dairy products for the island. Maintaining a small farm of livestock, cows produce milk, chickens lay eggs, and from these products, residents can also produce butter and cheese. Many of the animals live in barns or other structures and have access to a designated field. Future development may allow for the production of meat products from chicken, turkey, pork and beef. Non-food producing animals on the public farms also exist such as dogs and several horses.


Structures include steel reinforced, hurricane resistant barns for storing supplies and livestock. Open fields for animals are surrounded by steel fencing, also to resist hurricane weather. Greenhouses have been built, totaling six, which have reinforced structure to withstand hurricanes with easily replaceable greenhouse glass panes and materials. The farms also possess two other small buildings for processing milk, creating butter and cheese, and a refrigeration space for storing food. The farms use an underground watering system to distribute fresh water for crops and irrigation. Both sources of water come from the Tourist Zone hotel and casino water centers. Future structures may include a warehouse for raising livestock for meat processing and a storage silo for storing grain products for livestock. A desalination center and water pump station have been recently completed.


The farm's size at the moment requires only few vehicles. The Island Public Farms possess two tractors, a refrigeration truck, two pick-up trucks and tow-able plows and seed sprayers. The island rarely uses pesticides or herbicides. Fertilizers are made on the island, using the farm's compost dump for island organic garbage and livestock droppings. Tow-able tractor sprayers can be used to distribute fertilizer when necessary.

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