The 97-X Robox, often colloquially known as the 'Dog' or the 'Dogbot' is a robot designed and manufactured by Wessen defence contractor Greenwood Industries. The Robox unfolds from a cube form that is easily transportable, hence the name. The robot is mostly used in Disaster Relief and Security by the Wessex Self Defence Forces. The Robox comes in two variants, the Disaster Relief variant, 97-X DRV, and the military variant, the 97-X DSO (Defence and Security Operations). The DRO variant can be fitted with both non-lethal weapons including Greenwood manufactured PEPS (Pulsed Energy Propulsion System), and lethal weapons. 

The Robox is predominantly used by the Wessex Self Defence Forces and by Special Operations and Riot containment Police squads. Police variants feature non-lethal weapons which can unpainfully incapacitate serious dissidants and control violent crowds. However the Robots are mostly used in humanitarian operations, such as Disaster Relief variants operated by the Wessen SDF, and other sanctioned organisations. 

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