AC Filippopoli
Full name Associazione Calcio Filippopoli
Logo AC Filippopoli
City Castelmagno
Founded 1913
Stadium Lecrotia National Stadium
President Stephen Van Der Brugger
Manager Claudio Rampanti
Colours Blue and Yellow
Fans Filippisti
League Lecrotian Premier League

AC Filippopoli is a soccer (aka football) club in Lecrotia, based in Castelmagno. Their rivals are FC Castelmagno.

The name is a nod to a brief period in history (from 1573 to 1578), in which Castelmagno was called Filippopoli, in honor of the then-duke, Philip.

First team

No. Name Position Nationality
28 Yuuwa Fujiwara (Capt.) GK
Flag of Japan
2 Carlos Woerner LB
Flag of Paraguay
3 Hoàng Đăng Lô RB
Flag of Vietnam
15 Piero Bazzaghi CB
Flag of Lecrotia
5 Otto Rolandini CB
Flag of Lecrotia
4 Joseph Schiavone LM
Flag of the United States
6 Wilhelm Broendy RM
Flag of the Netherlands
25 Sergio Calixto CM
Flag of Portugal
9 François Bekusa CM
Flag of the Central African Republic
42 Gianfranco Cricchi ST
Flag of Lecrotia
11 Giancarlo Piazzari ST
Flag of Lecrotia

Second team

No. Name Position Nationality
1 George Pierceton GK
Flag of England
22 Armando Signorucci GK
Flag of Lecrotia
68 Grigore Ionescu RB
Flag of Romania
72 Scott Williams CB
Flag of Barbados
34 Fernando Siléja CB
Flag of Uruguay
7 Vincenzo Oratori LM
Flag of Lecrotia
8 Giacomo Chirlotti CM
Flag of Lecrotia
28 Dansfield Ozingabe CM
Flag of Zimbabwe
48 Sathanalat Kethavong ST
Flag of Laos
21 Jacob Barsley ST
Flag of Canada
92 Jean-Pierre Mubasa ST
Flag of Burundi

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