The ADRIA Aspide is a medium range air-to-air and surface-to-air missile produced by Europan company ADRIA Systems. It is provided with semi-active radar-homing seeker. It is very similar to the American AIM-7 Sparrow, but, at the moment of its introduction, the Aspide was provided with monopulse guide instead of the conic scan, which made it more resistant to ECM and more precise.

Aspide II

The Aspide II is a laser-guided bomb which can be fired from various types of launchers. This bomb is meant to be employed in situations where it is not practical to bring in heavy artillery pieces.

Aspide III

The Aspide III is a ship-to-ship missile. There is no known combat use of the Aspide but there were many tests, like one where a Venezuelan Lupo frigate hit an old US destroyer used as target at 122 km, leaving a 6 m hole in it. Flight took a little over than 400 seconds. In another example at least 8 missiles were bought by the US Navy: thanks to a new evasive, final maneuver, the majority of these weapons penetrated inside the formidable missile defenses of US ships.

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