ADRIA Systems
Founded 1905 (as Vickers Terni), 1953 (as ADRIA)
Headquarters Rome, Zagreb, Kingdom of Europa
Area served Europe, Worldwide
Key people Brigitta Ćurković (President)
Industry military
Products weapons manufacturing

ADRIA Systems (Adriatic Arms & Systems Company) is a Europan weapons and military technologies company. Since 2002 it is a part of Finmeccanica.



ADRIA 56 howitzer: a 105 mm pack howitzer which fires the standard US type M1 ammunition. This weapons is used by Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Thailand, among others. ADRIA 64: a rapid fire gun mount suitable for installation on large and medium size ships, intended for surface fire and naval gunfire support as main role and anti-aircraft fire as secondary role. The compactness of the gun feeding system makes possible the installation on narrow section crafts. This weapons is used by the Europan and West German navies.


  • ADRIA 76 antiaircraft tank: The ADRIA 76 is a motorized antiaircraft tank e
  • B1 Centauro: The Centauro is a wheeled tank destroyer designed for light to medium territorial defense and tactical reconnaissance.
  • C1 Ariete: a main battle tank designed for heavy fighting.
  • C2 ADRIA: a light tank for close-quarters engagements.


  • ADRIA Aspide
  • ADRIA C60
  • ADRIA AM: an extremely lightweight missile, used to destroy drones and oncoming missiles before they hit their targets.
  • ADRIA 64
  • ADRIA 76 Antitank vehicle
  • ADRIA 56 howitzer
  • C1 Ariete