"There are no gods but AIAH, and Muhamet is their messenger." Their worship is strict, full with many laws, and above all else, see Otherkin as an abomination that needs to be purged from the Earth. One AIAH is male, another female, and the last one is both, yet neither. When spoken about in scripture, they are: The Mother, The Father, The Son and The Daughter. When called upon during prayer, the AIAH are: The Mother, The Father, The Brother and The Sister. These gods have one prophet, Buhamet, who is a mix of intersex and hermaphrodite.


Articles of Faith

The Gods

The Mother

Aiah-Tiamat or Aiah-Nah'ih

The Father

Aiah-Bahamut or Aiah-Jawhar

The Son and Daughter

Aiah-Gha'ali or Aiah-Izura




The Four Pillars


The Testimony, which is the basic creed of AIAH worship that must be recited under oath with the specific statement: "I testify that there are no gods other than AIAH alone and I testify that Muhamet is his Messenger." This is a foundation for all other beliefs and practices in AIAH worship. It is recited in prayer and those who wish to convert must recite the creed under oath.


Prayer is required five times a day. It is usually recited upon rising from bed, at breakfast, dinner, and before going to bed; the fifth prayer being prayed at any other time. However, originally, it followed the path of the sun: dawn, midday, afternoon, dusk, and after nightfall. The prayers prayed are often excerpts from the AIAH worship's holy book.


Fastingfrom food and drink (among other things) must be performed from dawn to dusk from The Month of Wind 22 to The Month of Last Seed 22. The fast is to encourage a feeling of nearness to the AIAH, and during it worshipers should express their gratitude for and dependence on them, atone for their past sins, and think of the needy. it is not obligatory for several groups for whom it would constitute an undue burden. For others, flexibility is allowed depending on circumstances, but missed fasts usually must be made up quickly.



Etiquette and Diet

Family Life

The Hunt

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