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First Tetraquarant
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Part of The Multiversal Chronicles
Type One of five major pan-universe divisions.
Notable for Universal corner influenced by Asian Pacific cultures, directly or indirectly.

East-Northeastward known cosmos
Face EUROPA on Westward, NON-ALIGNED on Southeastward
Unknown/uncharted space on the East. Lawless space smashed between them and EUROPA/NON-ALIGNED

Age around 4 million years AT
APAC Unnamed City I

a typical APAC city

APAC Unnamed City II

Another typical APAC city

APAC Unnamed Town

a typical APAC town, modern after the game Star Ocean 5

EURAPAC Meta-universe/APAC Universe, commonly known as APAC or First Tetra-quadrant, is both the name of 1st known universal tetraquadrant and a collective term referred to space objects, galaxies and polities across known space with same elements: they are either direct, indirect descendants or influenced by Asian-Pacific cultural spheres from ancient Earth; hence the name APAC. The majority of them are of East Asian, but others such as Arab, Persian or ASEAN cultures also stay strong. Outside influences are those of EUROPA - their counterparts from Europe - and to a certain degree, vast numbers from fictional realms and AFRICA.

In general, the term APAC Universe includes two parts: Those within First Tetraquadrant (Inner APAC) and those that scatter across vast known space, both within other tetraquadrants and across unknown space (Outer APAC); but normally is used to refer to First Tetraquadrant's civilizations, similar to American - United States in ancient time. By the time of current era, APAC Universe is one of two largest, most ancient - some of them were the first settled in space - and most populous universal quadrants, as well as featuring some of most dense and largest space settlements. Together with EUROPA, the APAC also houses the majority of great space powers and is the foremost pillar in technological-magical advancements.

For generations, APAC has been one of two universal-spanning powerhouses; famed for their high advanced mago-technologies and military prowess. Three grand alliances of empires and civilizations - the GACS, the Tikrifar Accord and the Cimatang Signatory - are collectively trade, political, financial and economic powerhouses of entire known space, with profound influences known even to the most outreached civilizations. Seven meta-empires - the Confederates, the Yamatoran, the MEN, the JIOR, the MWH, the Siberian Combine and the Indochina - own some of largest, most powerful and competent armed forces ever known to men; while for many lesser civilizations, the legendary of wealth, prosperity, and advancement of the high cultures of other great powers such as the ArabFed, the Grand India, the Australasia or the EAC personified APAC, attracting and being their beacons in vast, deep space. Several Silk Road-liked legendary trade hyperlanes are stretched along East-Southeastward APAC and connected them to EUROPA and AFRICA; while many others stand as major space trade hubs along their hinterlands.

From 3rd to 6th eras, APAC had enjoyed significant risings in influence, prosperity and cultural/social dynamism, particularly among Eastward-Southward space. Their main astro-territories also experienced robust population growth, mostly due to manipulation of genetic engineering and other technologies that led to STD's completely eradicated of all kinds, robust and strong promoting of hedonistic lifestyles, as well as a vast, thriving adult entertainment industry, throughout much of 5th and 6th eras, but has since then halted; especially after the last great war. EURAPAC - collectively refers to both APAC and EUROPA - has since eons ago been birthplaces for various mainstream lifestyles, techno-magical transformation and advancement, social and political movements, economic reformations, to religions... throughout known space.

Nowadays, the concept of APAC is mostly having much to do with sentient astrology and physical astrology. APAC influences are visible throughout much of known space, having strong effects to racial groups, societies and cultures, techno-magical advancement, economics, historical ties and government systems - especially to AMERICA universe. In addition, APAC main space features vast, deeply variety and colorful systems of societies, traditions, lifestyles to levels of advancement in civilization and mago-technologies.


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- One of five main universal corners of explored space
- Collective term refer to all known polities or civilizations that are direct or indirect Asian-Pacific region's descendants, or being strongly influenced by their cultures.

Symbol There is none, due to their sheer amounts of cultural, civilization, or social influences. Although from time to time, the flags of traditional hyperpowers and great empires had been used as ones, due to their scope and wide influential spheres.
Ruling Powers

There are 8 multigovernmental alliances, with extensive influential networks throughout entire known space, within and beyond APAC:
1- GACS flag Greater APAC Co-prosperity Sphere
2- Kumakoshi Central Coalition
3- Westward APAC Assembly of Nations
4- Far Eastern Mutual Progressive Agreement
5- Trans-APAC Treaty Organization
6- Pyulamyaing Concord
7- Gran Slavian Military Pact
8- Eastward APAC Quadruple Entente
Rising Other Hyperpowers:
With civilizations were devastated after the last great war, so were those Great 8 and their influential spheres. By the current era, while regaining much of their former glories, the Great 8 however face a significant amount of challenges from other rising alliances and empires, notably such as Tikrifar Accord and Cimatang Signatory.

Main Ethos The ruling factions across EURAPAC are unique in their own ways: - On one hand, they establish elements throughout societies, avatars and subpersonality, as well as political grounds that bring stability, allowing them to continue for millennia. On the others, however, most of populations are left to tend for themselves on local scales, with governments involve only when absolutely necessary. As result, the vast majority of governments in APAC stand between direct democracy, e-democracy, parliamentarian, and imperialistic militarism.
Founded At the dawn of new age, dating back to First Era, when the world - settling down after chaotic years post-Event - began to move to space en mass. Led by East/Southeast Asian superpowers at that time, but continuously expanded by star powers from Arab worlds.

- There's no such thing as a united civilization for APAC - and EURAPAC as a whole - given their sheer numbers of civilizations and space coverage. Before long, APAC's civilizations are well-regarded as cultural melting pots throughout known space. A planetwide polity could easily houses thousands to millions of different civilizations and races. APAC's largest metaempires are themselves viewed as mini-universes, due to their diversity in cultures or species; each bring their own characters into them. With various agreements reached during last 3 eras, opening almost all of borders within APAC - to certain degrees - not even the most enclosed societies or the farthest reached civilizations are left unaffected.
- With mainly the influences from the traditional hyperpowers and meta-empires, as well as those of ancient cultures, there are several common elements: Tend to be meritocratic, militaristic while - funny enough - highly uphold freedoms of expression, speech and of choice, martial art's strong value, as well as space expansionism on grand space. APAC's empires have always been among the most zealots in space explorations and colonization.
- The vast majority of civilizations across EURAPAC are post-scarcity, fully or partially, although consumeristic worlds and polities do exist here and there. While money holds very little to no meaning, trading with EURAPAC polities remain very lucrative. The major systems pump large quantities of goods to others, while great metaempires such as the Confederation, the Indochina or the Eastasia are major providers for much-desired energy or materials. Those that fully eliminate currency altogether provide common to luxury goods with literary zero cost. As result, life within EURAPAC in general is relatively comfortable. The wealth and influences from major civilizations make EURAPAC as most desired migrating destination in entire known space. Even poorest and most outlying APAC communities could live rather relax, with self-assured and comfortable lives, living off the generosity of their neighbors.
- APAC has long been known for their relaxed views on various shady topics, such as drugs, sexuality or even slavery. To the alarmed eyes of more conservative factions - and to the horror of most extreme ones - APAC is evil, due to their unrestrained lives, as long as nobody is harmed and all involved are consenting partners. The manipulation of genetic engineering and many other ultratechs make it possible to fulfill any wildest dreams, coped with movements such as New Hedonism, making various regions and worlds along APAC, and EURAPAC in general, are destinations to those seeking pleasure adventures or retirements.
- Foremost is a vast labyrith of communication networks and virtual reality systems. The latest effort to unify EURAPAC is the forming of EURAPAC Virtual System (EVS, of which countless similar systems has been merged into, including the Confederate Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Yamatoran Imperial ExoNet (YIE) or the Eastasian Global Links (EGL) as members. Essentially the largest of its kind in known space, the EVS is accessible to any individual anywhere in EURAPAC space, providing with latest interactive news, information, historical data, to any entertainment forms.

Magic and Technology

- Excessive advanced, as Known Space's technological pillar. Literary everything - from low-tech, primitive communities to ultra-high advanced worlds - can be found across APAC's space. It is noted, however, that the general space of APAC is normally filled with High-ultratech, Transpientech, to the extensive amounts of Godtech artifacts and God-liked tech-magic fuses. APAC is where various inventions and technologies such as the way to travel cross-galaxies were created, help shaping the known universe as we know since aeons ago.
- Technological levels in APAC are as diverse as their own races and species. Despite being the most advanced, across APAC, there are still millions of communities live with 19th - 20th centuries technologies, to even much more primitive ones. Some decide to reject completely magic and technologies, deliberately, and live mixing with nature. Many halt their own advances and be contented with old knowledge, creating what are viewed as steampunk worlds. And then there are those that have been ravaged by various wars and conflicts, especially the last one, end up with nothing but a few scattered knowledge, here & there.
- The typical images of APAC worlds are landscapes filled with massive skyscrapers - some contain even billions of sentient - or megalopolises. High ultratech and Godtech artifacts are always abundant, with normal daily applicants ranging from Orion's Arm Universe's Drytech to Spacetime Engineering stargates, linking multi-galaxies.