Known Cosmos

Major Divisions

First Tetraquarant
Known Cosmos map
Part of The Multiversal Chronicles
Type One of five major pan-universe divisions.
Notable for Universal corner influenced by Asian Pacific cultures, directly or indirectly.

East-Northeastward known cosmos
Face EUROPA on Westward, NON-ALIGNED on Southeastward
Unknown/uncharted space on the East. Lawless space smashed between them and EUROPA/NON-ALIGNED

Age around 4 million years AT
Intergovernmental alliances

45px - GACS
Tikrifar Accord
many others

APAC Unnamed City I

a typical APAC city

APAC Unnamed City II

Another typical APAC city

APAC Unnamed Town

a typical APAC town, modern after the game Star Ocean 5

The First Division, or First Tetraquarant, usually known as APAC Universe, is one of two first multi-galaxies spanning space corners that occupied North-Eastward known cosmos. Through times, the APAC space is one of two most powerful, stable and influentials across all known space, well-known for their prosperous, expansive dominant powers, as well as what have known as the closest attempt for a unified universal-spanning community. Before long, APAC sovereign is home for various vast, highly advanced star empires, like the social democratic, Nordic-modeled Confederates, or the virtual imperial hegemony of Yamatoran, but also housing quadrilliants other civilizations in different levels. In modern era, three dominant powers in APAC are the capitalist SEACA, the near-commie GACS and the supposely neutral SATO, although many rising alliances have been fierce challenges for their powers.

The APAC Universe occuppy one of two largest universal corners in known space, equaled only by EUROPA. Like the later, the only one thing that make their civilizations similar is that APAC space is largely influenced, directly or indirectly, by Asian Pacific cultural spheres, notably are East, South and Southeast Asia, as well as Arabic-Persian and Pacific Islands ones. APAC sovereign space faces EUROPA on the West, NON-ALIGNED on the South and unknown space on the East. Similar to Asia on ancient Earth, APAC is also divided into North, East, Southeast, South, West and Central regions, in term of astrometry.

APAC is the technological pillar of entire known space, home for some of the most advanced, scifi-liked worlds and megalopolises. A typical city in APAC space (pic on the right) usually contains several dozen to several hundred millions sentients, humanoid or not, and possessed powerful technologies, enough for self-sufficient for centuries. Some notable ones such as Saigon-Gia Dinh, the Confederates' capital, Rekilawa in Ceylon space, or the Neo-Seoul, capital of NKR. APAC is also where several individuals whose exploits, adventures or actions had since contributed into shaping and consolidating pan-multiverse community, such as Director-General Amakawa Yuuto of the Confederates, Emperor Hyoudou Issei of the MEN or Great Lord Naoe Yamato of the MWH. Before long, if EUROPA is where you would find the recreation of various fantasy-themed worlds and systems, with knights, magic, witches... just like in fantasy-based works, APAC is the place whereas ecumenopolises, massive cosmological constructions, Dyson spheres... are the norms, like scifi works.


Main article: APAC Timeline

Prehistoric Age



Northward APAC

Main article: North APAC; List of major empires in North APAC

Northern APAC, or Northward APAC, is the sovereign space that stretch along much of APAC Universe. Over time immemorial, North APAC was inhabited by civilizations with one way or another connection to North, East and Central Asian cultures; many of them were revived indigenous ancient ones. Unlike their neighbor Eastern, the power's balance in the North has rather been stabilized and hegemonized. For millennia, the Siberian Combine, the Mongol World Hegemony, the Nenetsia Pact, the United States of Yakutia and the New Golden Horde had maintained their significant influences throughout the region, while facing off much bigger and more advanced great empires from the East and Central, notably like the Manchu or the Turan

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