ARTISAN-P Midsummer's Dream
ARTISAN-P Midsummers Dream
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin 22x20px Imperium Skandinavisk
Service history
In service 2007–present
Used by 22x20px Imperium Skandinavisk Skandinavisk Bakkestryker
Wars none
Production history
Designer Artisan AB
Designed 2006-2007
Manufacturer Artisan at Karlstad
Produced 2007-2010
Number built 40
Variants None
Weight 940g
Length 230mm
Width 50mm
Height 130mm

Cartridge 10mm
Action Short recoil
Muzzle velocity 290m/s
Effective range 90m
Feed system 12 round detachable box magazine
Sights iron sights

The ARTISAN-P Midsummer's Dream (Designation: APMD-06) is a unique pistol created by the firearms firm Artisan AB. The Midsummer's Dream is a semi-automatic handgun that fire's in a special sequence created in synchronization with Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" in C major. The handgun uses 10mm hollow point rounds, and has a magazine size of 12 bullets. The handgun is embroidered with a golden royal crest at the beginning of the barrel, near the top of the butt. The use of the handgun is limited to the top 40 members of the Bakkestryker, and only forty of the guns were known to have been produced. They were released to the Bakkestryker in 2007, and the order of 40 was completed on January 7th, 2010.

The Midsummer's Dream is only given to persons of high stature within the Bakkestryker, but three have been awarded to Steven Tolgfors, Cecilia Norsjov, and Konge Mathius II. The Midsummer's Dream is not available for public purchase.



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