The AXIOM Program is a series of scientific research satellites by the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. The satellites were launched between 2001 and 2013 on the country's own launch system, the Wyvern-II. The first satellite, AXIOM-1 became the first of Wessex and Cornwall's sounding-satellites. The AXIOM program is operated and monitored by RASA.


AXIOM-1 is a geomapping satellite. AXIOM-1 was launched in 2001 aboard the fifth Wyvern-II launch, WII-5. AXIOM-1 contains;

  • A High Resolution Multi-Spectral Imager
  • An Infrared Sensing Device
  • Communications Device



AXIOM-3 is a Climate Change monitoring satellite. AXIOM-3 was launched in 2011 aboard the Wyvern-II launch, WII-7. AXIOM-3 contains;

  • A High-Resolution Infrared Sensing and Mapping Device
  • Weather Mapping Device
  • Communications Device


AXIOM-4 is a Research Telescope, and was launched in 2013, aboard the Wyvern-II launch, WII-8. It is the heaviest payload of the Wyvern-II to date. and contains a;

  • High Resolution Spectral Imaging Device
  • Small X-Ray Telescope Device.

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