Diary of John Doe, Evimland inhabitant and leader - of himself only.

21.6.2006, Wednesday:

6:00 a.m: Woke up as always. It's getting hotter everyday. I'm soaked in sweat like a bath sponge. No electricity, no air-conditioning,...I was the one to choose this Robinson Crusoe lifestyle, guess not having any rights to whine. Besides, Crusoe never had his own country, did he?

6:30: Checked the fresh water tank, almost nothing, the procedure of salt decomposition is nowhere to be finished. Salty water as it is, no showering today. So I took a dive in the water to get freshened up. But the salt ruins my hair.

7:00: Breakfast. Some cheese, bread and rose jam I made yesterday. Tastier than I thought. Perhaps I could get a blackberry bush here for the fruit. Let's put this in the trade schedule. But the crop could be gotten only next year...too late for that. Had to butcher down half of the rose bush for the jam, but it is worth it. If I could have more, I even could sell on the market. The holiday season's up and lots of people from Istanbul and Ankara are filling the neighboring town in Turkey. A sale of "Authentic Evimland Rose Jam" tempting isn't it?

To be continued

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