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A power is rising. China. What do other countries think of it? Americans actions don't go unnoticed,The world cries for war. The discorvery if a renewible source called GLIXIONITE3E has made a invention boom. How will this affect us? Robots: Friend or foe. A new age runs from 1st of February 2015 onwards.                                                                                                                            



a new age poster

America has been taking oil form countries like Iraq illeagly  for far to long, not to mention their obsssion with propaganda and killing civilians in the Middle East. 

China is producing 80% of stuff made and they are the only superpower. How will that go down.

Japan has invented a new millitary robot, Glixionite3e-ak345. Lol they should watch sicence- Fiction more and see what happens when you do things like that.[[

Technolgy. *sigh* how will this affect our lives and the Earth.


rules of The New Age

making nations


Learning about this world

List of countries

Human rights

LGBT in a new age

World events, 2014 onwards

World economy

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