Aaron Kimball
In office
Vice President William Slater
Preceded by Henry Gordon
Assumed office
Vice President William Slater
Personal details
Born1 June 1969
Eureka, California, United States
Political partyLiberal Party
Spouse(s)Margaret Kimball
ChildrenHenry Kimball
Alma materUniversity of Sacramento
Aaron Henry Kimball (born 1 June 1969) is the current and 6th president of the Federated States of America, elected for his first term in 2006 and his second term in 2012, and is the only president in the FSA's history to be elected twice. Kimball opposes war with the Soviet Union, and has strived to create neutral relations with the Soviets, but has also forced the FSA to take the necessary precuations in case of nuclear war between the US and the Soviets, particularly after the Alaskan invasion.


Aaron Kimball was born to parents Timothy Kimball and Dorothy Kimball on June 1 1969 in Eureka, California. Kimball had the average childhood, living in a middle class family, and was only 2 years old when the Federated States were formed. He became interested in geopolitics and political science, and the differences between the US and Soviet Union. When he left high school he went to University of Sacramento where he studied philosphy and political science, he graduated university when he was 21, and moved to Los Angeles. Whilst living there his views on politics changed, and he became more liberal. He worked on the presidential campaign for Gareth Simpson for the third election for Federated States president, Gareth Simpson was elected in 1981. Kimball moved up in campaign planning and became the campaign leader for Simpson again in 1986, where Simpson lost the election to Margaret Washton, the countries first female president. He left the campaign in 1986, and moved back to Eureka, where in 1990 he became mayoral candidate, and was elected for two 3 year terms. In 2006 Kimball ran for presidency, claiming that he would keep the country safe from Soviet threats, and introduce new defence measures, such as further research into Atom-Tech Shelters. He was elected in 2006, and served one five year term until he was re-elected in 2011, and his second term will end in 2016.

Core Beliefs

Issue Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights YES As citizens of the Federated States, they are allowed to have rights, just like every other citizen of this country.
Gay Marriage YES I see marriage as a legal bonding between two people, if you've got a problem with who marries who, keep it to yourself.
Abortion NO Human lives should not be destroyed just because someone has been irresponsible, either they keep it, or put their child up for adoption.
Death Penalty Partial "Everyone has the right to life, but if you take it away from someone, then you may have to feel it yourself.
Torture Methods Partial "In a life and death situation, it is necessary to use all methods possible to get answers and if you have to force a suspect to speak to stop a crisis such as a bomb or terrorism, do it.
Stem Cell Research YES "If it cures paralysis or cancers, I think this should be researched and funded every way possible. Stem cells are vital to medical research."
Weapons of Mass Destruction YES "It keeps the commies in their place and they have other possible uses outside of war."
Radioactive Weapons Partial "These are hazardous to the environment and the fall out will affect more than the target, but if it keeps the commies at bay and protects this nation then we will have to continue.
Chemical Weapons NO "This is both hazardous to the environment and considered torturous and inhumane."
Equal Rights YES "It is a human right to be free. We are all equal and should be treated that way with no exception."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty Partial "If you are caught in the process of committing a crime you are quite obviously guilty.
Assisted Suicide Partial "If all medical and psychological treatments have failed and a person consciously, sanely and knowingly wishes they want to die, then I believe it is their right to end their life."
Foreign Interference NO "Commerce with all Nations, Alliance with None.
Gun Rights YES "Our Founding Fathers in 1776 used the right to bear arms to fight off a tyrannical government and establish a free democratic nation. This right cannot be violated in anyway. It secures our freedom. If our government was to become corrupt, I'd expect the people to rise up to defend liberty."
Self Defense Rights YES "Everyone has the right to live a healthy, happy, secure life and no one can take that away.
Freedom of Speech YES "You have the right to speak of cours, but racism is NOT tolerated.
Freedom of Expression YES "Everyone is individual.
Freedom of Religion YES "Believe what you want. There is no restriction. When you violate another person's rights, then there are restrictions."
Freedom of Choice YES "It is your life. You may choose your path and choose what you want to do without restriction."
Freedom of Press Partial "Privacy is important, but people must know what is going on, but it must be the truth.
Right To Protest/Assemble YES
Right To Privacy YES "Everyone has the right to privacy. No one, even the government, can invade your privacy without just cause or reason."

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