In this Pierceonion name, the surname is Ablahblahblah.

Ablahblahblah Blookablookablay is the current president of The United States of America. His home state is Pierce, the first state of the US to not be located on Earth. He is an independent, and not a member of any political party. Ablahblahblah is also the first Pierceonion president. He took office September 9, 4012. He plans to run for a second term. He is a writer of fiction, and has wrote several books that have been made into movies. He is a devout follower of Pierceonion religion, and attends church every Tuesday, as well as fasting from chocolate, and other forbidden foods on Monday. Many have criticized Ablahblahblah, for supporting dictatorship. His supporters call themselves Ablahblahblahists.

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