Acel Soar was the first Avatar of Water. He was born in 1002 BGW and took his position at 978 BGW.

Early Life

Acel was born in a small native village in Thelemane Grotto. In 996 BGW, he fled from the village with his two older brothers when it came under a raid. Until he was twelve, he lived in a settlement on the banks of the river Thaelen.

When he was twelve, he was found by a search party sent by the Parliament of Fire, and taken to the Parliament Manor, where he lived for twelve years until he took his seat as Avatar.

Life as the Avatar of Water

Acel spent most of his power as Avatar of Water in protecting lakes and waterfalls. The most famous time when this was done is the Siege of Dramlark, when he drowned every man in the water for disturbing the once-tranquil lake.

Acel Soar was described by some as "tyrannical and unfocused". Many protested of how he did not listen to explanations for why people disturbed the water, and arrested them immediately.He made an enemy of the Avatar of Fire when he attempted to arrest and kill on of the Ministers of Fire.

In 995 BGW, Acel Soar died after being consumed by a Horror.

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