A mock-up of the space-port.

Achievement Space Port is the largest space-port on the planet of Omicron, located in the United States Territory of Omicron city of Achievement. It transports resources back to Earth, and ships bring in imports and civilians.

It is roughly half the size of New York-JFK Airport.


The spaceport was built in 2039, when the planet was first settled. It grew once the Globus Corporation, came to the planet as the transport of cargo was important to the planets economy. Civilian services commenced in 2045 one the planet was settled. Virgin Galactic flies to Earth regularly.

Main Routes

Virgin Galactic flies civilian routes to various space-ports on Earth, and to other space ports on Omicron.

The Globus Corporation uses huge cargo vessels for transportation to Earth, from its various mines and refineries accross the territory.

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