City of Acornia

Official language English

Darren Bee
Ethinic groups Welsh, English, Korean, Gullah, Dunmer

Acornia is the largest city by population in the Kingdom of Nanteos and the second largest by population in Dirio. Acornia is known as the "birthplace of democracy" as it has the longest proven tradition of democracy in Dirio and possibly in the world. It was once the capital of the Omnia Republic. It is the fastest growing city in the Kingdom. Its current mayor is, Freedom Party Politician, Darren Bee.


Omnia Republic Era

Before joining the kingdom, Acornia formed its own republic with the cities of Russleville and Dairyville. It was short lived. Soon after forming it found itself in war with the city of Nanteos to the North. The Omni-Knight war ended with the city of Acornia being conquered by the their northern neighbors. Instead of signing peace with the Nanteons, hoewever, Acornia and their sister cities requested to be allowed into the Kingdom. Jacob the Painted obliged and added Acornia as the second city to the Kingdom. Aconia's sister cities soon joined as well.



Most of Acornia are Baptists. However, due to the large population and influx of immigrants several other religions have been introduced to Acornia. Daedra Worship, Methodist, and recently Taoism have taken root in Acornia.

Racial Makeup

The Racial Makeup of Acornia is one of the diverse in the Kingdom. The last census gave the following numbers:

  • 40% Welsh-English
  • 24% Dunmer
  • 20% Gullah
  • 16% Korean



Acornia is known for their great soil and farming techniques. They are also remember for their beef and milk. There are several open ranges around Acornia which provide the Kingdom with good meat.

Industry and Mining

Although Acornia has traditionally been an agricultural society, industry and mining has been fast growing in the city. Not long after iron and gold ore was found near Acornia, mining companies began to pop up everywhere. Some estimates say that mining now accounts for 60% of all Acornian jobs.

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