Companies Act of 1913

Repealed by the Companies Act of 1968 belaow.


Currency Act of 1914

Establishes the Columbard as the Kingdom's official currency. Replaced the Washingtonian Dollar.

Immigration and Status of Aliens Act of 1914

Income Tax and Revenue Act of 1914

Repealed by the Income Tax and Revenue Act of 1947 below.

Public Safety Act of 1914

Repealed by the Law Enforcement Act of 1935.

Grand Assembly Privileges Act of 1914

National Symbols Act of 1914

Replaces the former national flag and shield.

Military Conscription Act of 1914

Invalidated by the Supreme Court, which was confirmed by the Constitutional Court in Hall vs. The Throne.


Family Rights and Privileges Act of 1915

Repealed by the Family Act of 1976 below.

Explosives Act of 1915

Repealed by the Weapons Act of 2001 below.

National Education Act of 1915

Shipping Act of 1915

Repealed by the Shipping Act of 1956.

North Island Act of 1915

Establishes the Province of North Island and its government.

South Island Act of 1915

Establishes the Province of South Island and its government.

Constitutional Amendment (Capital Designation) Act of 1915

Established Foundersville, NI as the capital of the Kingdom and entrenched the current Provinces in the Constitution.

Local and Provincial Government Act of 1915

Census Bureau Act of 1915

Establishes the Washingtonian Census Bureau.

Armed Forces Act of 1915

Establishes the King's Loyal Washingtonian Armed Forces.


Practice of Law and Related Matters Act of 1916

Regulates the lawyers' profession in Washingtonia.

Recognition of Marriage Officers Act of 1916

Repealed by the Marriage Act of 1959.


Elections Act of 1917


National Military Service Act of 1922


Censorship Act of 1929


Criminal Prosecutions Act of 1932


Crimes Act of 1933

Establishes the Penal Code of Washingtonia. Disallows judicial presiding officers/jury members to abstain from voting "guilty" or "not guilty". Allows members of the public to try criminal cases.


Law Enforcement Act of 1935

Establishes the King's Loyal Washingtonian Police Department.

Firearms Act of 1935

Repealed by the Weapons Act of 2001 below.


South Island Prisons Recognition Act of 1939


Ratification of the Declaration of War (Großdeutsches Reich) Act of 1940

Repealed by the Declaration of Peace (Großdeutsches Reich) Act of 1945.

Wartime Trade Act of 1940

Criminalizes trade with a state enemy.

Provincial Courts Act of 1940

Establishes the Provincial Courts.


University of King George Act of 1941

Establishes the University of King George.


National Traffic Act of 1942


Privatization of Prisons in North Island Act of 1944


Declaration of Peace (Großdeutsches Reich) Act of 1945

Ends the war with Germany and Washingtonia's involvement in World War II.

Constitutional Amendment (Grand Assembly Elections) Act of 1945

Established the current electoral scheme for the Grand Assembly. Further amended parts of the Elections Act of 1917.


Censure of HRH Brandon I and Related Matters Act of 1947

Censure of the King following the Constitutional Crisis of 1946.

Internal Security Act of 1947

Creates the State of Emergency Provisions (SEP). Establishes several intelligence and security organizations.

Income Tax and Revenue Act of 1947

Finance Court Act of 1947

Establishes the Finance Court.


Continuity of Government Act of 1949

Establishes the Executive Line of Succession (ELS). Entrenches procedures to be followed in the event of a catastrophic loss of government.


Age of Legal Capacity Act of 1954

Establishes the "age of legal capacity" (age of majority/age of consent) at 16 years.


Defamation and Personal Damage Act of 1956

Court of Appeals Act of 1956

Establishes the Court of Appeals.

Shipping Act of 1956

Television Licenses Act of 1956

Repealed by the Television Licenses (Repeal) Act of 1996 below.


Disease and Epidemic Prevention Act of 1957

Sexual Offenses (Crimes Act Amendment) Act of 1957


Marriages Act of 1959

Consolidates and codifies preexisting custom, legislation and common law regarding matrimony.

Statute of Limitations of 1959

Regulates prescription and the statute of limitations in Washingtonia.


Term Limits Act of 1960

National Aviation Act of 1960

Franco Washingtonian Communities Act of 1960

Succession and Inheritance Act of 1960


Companies Act of 1968


Foundersville (Environmental Protection) Act of 1973

Created to disallow inconsistent structures to be built in certain parts of the capital city, most notably in the historical government district and near by Royal Palace.


Family Act of 1976

Family Court Act of 1976

Establishes the Family Court.


Asylum and Refuge Act of 1982


Compensation of Judicial Presiding Officers Act of 1983

Nuclear Energy Regulation Act of 1983


Miscellaneous Definitions Act of 1994

Government District Special Police Act of 1994

Establishes a police force under the authority of the Grand Assembly - the Government District Special Police (GDSP).


Adoption Act of 1996

Television Licenses (Repeal) Act of 1996


Employment Act of 2000


Weapons Act of 2001


Prevention of Sexual Offenses and Related Matters Act of 2004


Security of Intelligence Act of 2010

Access to Certain Sensitive Information Act of 2010

Prohibition on Certain Speech Act of 2010


Breaking the Poverty Cycle Act of 2013

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