Turkestan is divided into 9 cultural and geographic regions that have no adminsitrative power. The geographic regions follow similar boundaries to the former nations, and have their own regional language and ethnic majority. These geographic regions are then divided into Provinces, which are represented in the Grand Royal Assembly of Turkestan. Provinces are then divided into Districts, which are the subdivided into individual Villages, Towns and Cities. 

Geographic/Cultural Regions of Turkestan

Azeri Region

The Azeri Region, formerly known as Azerbaijan, is one of two Exclaves of Turkestan, bordering the Caspian Sea to the East, Armenia to the West, Iran to the South and Russia to the North. The Azeri Region has a Azerbaijani Majority, and the major spoken language of the region is Azerbaijani. The Azeri Region also includes the Nakhchivan Province, which is also an Exclave.

Turkestan's Capital, Astana is located in the Kazakh Region.

Kazakh Region

The Kazakh Region is the largest region of Turkestan by far, holding the same boundaries of the former nation of Kazakhstan. The region has a multi-ethnic majority, with over 131 major ethnic groups within the region. However its majority language is Kazakh, aswell as its ethnic majority. 

Kuznetsk Region

Kyrgyz Region

THe Kyrgyz Region follows the boundaries of the former nation of Kyrgyzstan, with the major ethnic group being the Kyrgyz People, and Kyrgyz Language is the majority langauge. 

Bishkek is the largest city in the Kyrgyz Region.

Smolensk Region

The Smolensk Region covers the north-west provinces, former Russian Federal Subjects of Bashkor, Tatar, Samar, and Chuvash. The Smolensk Region has several different ethnic majorities such as Bashkor and Tatar, with the major languages of Tatar and Bashkor also being the major spoken languages. 

Tajik Region

The Tajik Region follows the borders of the former nation of Tajikistan, with the Tajik People being the main ethnicities, and Tajik being the main language, however Russian is also a major ethnicity and language in the region, mroe so compared to other regions. 

Turkmen Region

The Turkmen Region follows the boundaries of former Turkmenistan, the Turkmen Region is the home of the Turkmen people, with Turkestan's official language, Turkmen being the majority language. 

Uyghur Region

800px-Drepung monastery

Drepung Monastery in Tibet, the home temple of the Dalai Lama.

The Uyghur Region, also known as the Tibet-Qinghai Region, is located to the south-west of the country, encompassing the provinces of Tibet and Qinghai, home of the Tibetans. The major languages spoken are Tibetan and Standard Chinese, while Mandarin Chinese also holds a majority.

Uzbek Region

The Uzbek Region is the home of the Uzbeks, following the boundaries of former Uzbekistan, the region is home to the Uzbek majority, speaking Uzbek and Russian. 

Provinces and Districts of Turkestan

Province Capital Region
Absheron Baku Azeri
Ahal Ashgabat Turkmen
Almaty Almaty Kazakh
Altai  Gorno-Altaysk Kuznetsk
Andijan Andijan Uzbek
Aqmola Astana Kazakh
Aqtobe Aqtobe Kazakh
Aran Shirvan Azeri
Atyrau Atyrau Kazakh
Balkan Balkanabat Turkmen
Batken Batken Kyrgyz
Bashkor Ufa Smolensk
Bishkek Bishkek Kyrgyz
Bukhara Bukhara Uzbek
Chuvash Cheboksary Smolensk
Chuy Chuy Kyrgyz
Dahglig Shirvan Shirvan Azeri
Dashoguz Dashoguz Turkmen
Districts of Republican Subordination Dunshanbe  Tajik
East Kazakh Oskemen Kazakh
Fergana Fergana Uzbek
Ganjakh Ganja Azeri
Gorno-Badakhshan Khorugh Tajik
Gubachmaz Khackmaz Azeri
Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad Kyrgyz
Jizzakh Jizzakh Uzbek
Kalbachin Kalbahar Azeri
Khatlon Qurgonteppa Tajik
Lankaran Lankaran Azeri
Lebap Turkmenabat Turkmen
Mangghystau Aqtau Kazakh
Mary Mary Turkmen
Nakhchivan Nakhchivan Azeri
Namagan Namagan Uzbek
Naryn Naryn Kyrgyz
North Kazakh Petropavl Kazakh
Osh Osh Kyrgyz
Pavlodar Pavlodar Kazakh
Qaraghandy Qaraghandy Kazakh
Qaraqalpaqstan Nukus Uzbek
Qashqadaryo Qarshi Uzbek
Qostanay Qostanay Kazakh
Qyzylorda Qyzylorda Kazakh
Samara Samara Smolensk
Samarqand  Samarkand Uzbek
Sirdaryo Guliston Uzbek
Tatar Kazan Smolensk

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