America is divided up into administrative divisons, known as states, which form a unified country. Each state has it's own government and capitol city. There are seventeen states and four territories in the United States as of March 1st 2012.



# Flag Division Capital Current Type Largest City
1 Flag of Alberta Alberta Edmonton State Calgary
2 Flag of British Columbia.svg British Columbia Vancouver State Vancouver
3 Flag of California California Sacramento State Los Angeles
4 Flag of Colorado Colorado Denver State Denver
5 Flag of Idaho Idaho Boise State Boise
6 Flag of Iowa Iowa Des Moines State Des Moines
7 Flag of Kansas Kansas Topeka State Wichita
8 Flag of Manitoba Manitoba Winnipeg State Winnipeg
9 Flag of Missouri Missouri Jefferson City State Kansas City
10 Flag of Montana Montana Helena State Billings
11 Flag of Nebraska Nebraska Lincoln State Omaha
12 Flag of Nevada Nevada Carson City State Reno
13 Flag of North Dakota North Dakota Bismarck State Fargo
14 Flag of Oregon Oregon Salem State Portland
15 Flag of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Regina State Saskatoon
16 Flag of South Dakota South Dakota Pierre State Sioux Falls
17 Flag of Utah Utah Salt Lake City State Salt Lake City
18 Flag of Washington Washington Olympia State Seattle
19 Flag of Wyoming Wyoming Cheyenne State Cheyene


Flag Division Capital Current Type Largest City
2 Flag of the Northwest Territories Northwest Territories Yellowknife Territory Yellowknife
3 Flag of Nunavut Nunavut Iqaluit Territory Iqaliut
4 Flag of Yukon Yukon Whitehorse Territory Whitehorse

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