There exist several subnational divisions within the Republic of Atlion, which is primarily divided by state. Similar to the United States, the states of Atlion operate to some degree of sovereignty from the national government. A federal territory, namely the National Capital Region also exists as a division of Atlion. State governments are granted by the Constitution to form more political divisions within themselves, which are typically counties and cities. Sagesse uses the term "arrondissement" for its counties because of its strong French history and culture. Vlorast does use the county system, but after its own provinces, locally named "krais" adopted from the Russian system. New Welland is divided by region. Broker, Intima, Atlantia, Edwardsland, Valenmark, and New Holland all use the traditional county system, but in New Holland call it municipalities.

Centers of population are typically organized into cities, towns, villages, and other types of municipalities. Municipalities are typically subordinate to a county government, with some exceptions. Certain cities, for example, have consolidated with their county government as consolidated city-counties. In Broker, for example, cities with a population exceeding 300,000 may apply to become independent from their county.

The national government maintains exclusive jurisdiction over federal military installations, Atlionese embassies and consulates located in foreign countries. Other special purpose divisions exist separate from those for general governance, examples of which include conservation districts and Senatorial districts.

States and their subdivisions

There exist 10 states within the Republic of Atlion, each with a degree of sovereignty given to them by the national constitution. The ten states are as follows:

The National Capital Region (NCR), which does have some state privileges, is a federal territory.

Atlion with states labelled - Replacement

The ten states of Atlion, with the National Capital Region (NCR).

States further have the option of dividing themselves. A comprehensive list of the ten states and the NCR's divisions follows:

State Division 1 Division 2
Broker County/Independent municipality Municipality
Edwardsland County/Municipal City None
New Holland Municipaility District (unofficial)
New Welland Region (officially Census Region) Regional Municipaility
Sagesse Arrondissement City/Town/Village/Hamlet
Valenmark County District
Vlorast Province/Krai, Capital District District/County, Independent City
National Capital Region City of Luminaire County

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