Adrian I
Emperor of the American Empire
Adrian Walker
Emperor of America
Reign 4 July 2007 - Present
Coronation 4 July 2007
Heir-Apparent Kyle, Crown Prince of Imperial America
Born 12 17 April 1953
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Spouse Bethaney Walker
Issue Kyle, Crown Prince of Imperial America
Angela, The Princess Royal
Full name
Adrian Lyle Walker
Imperial House House of Adrian
Religion Christian
Adrian I, (Adrian Lyle Walker; born 17 April 1953) is an American politician and the first Emperor of the American Empire. He is considered the perfect picture of a true American, and widely by the government and many conservative Americans who see him as the only way for America to remain great. He has been condemned by the fledgling Democratic Party and liberals in portions of the empire for his staunch conservative views, conservative to the point that he has survived numerous assassination attempts for his "attacks on women, LGBT, and immigrant rights". Regardless, he appears very comfortable with his actions, and believes that for America to remain great, some rights must be destroyed for the greater good of the people.

Political Stances