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Aernos is an earth-like planet that as of current day is pre-industrial, vastly unexplored in far reaches and contains many numbers of peoples and races. The world is magical and has certain residing deities.



Most races on Aernos hold the same Creation story. The differences come in the details. Every single story follows the same pattern:

From the aether came four beings, gods of immense power. Their names were First and Last, Sower and Reaper. These gods drew the world from the source of magic and set it in the void, circling the bright star Aos. They littered the void with other stars and set the world in motion. Working in balance, the four gods planted the first race on the soil and allowed them free reign. As was his right, First took great pleasure in moulding the first creatures to walk on Aernos. This made the other gods both pleased and jealous. Each god in their turn created people and animals to walk on the surface, burrow under the earth and swim in the oceans until the world was full. Once their work was complete, they settled to watch their children.

Each race believes differently who was first, the names of the gods and minor details about the gods' relations. The only thing they agree on is what happened next.

The Creation War

Aernos was full with all the creatures and peoples of the gods, and very soon became too crowded. The races would not agree on anything, could not be trusted to be left alone without murdering one another. The gods convened to discuss how the issue would be solved, but whilst they met together they each had agents acting in the world on their behalf.

The god named Sower had her agent seed the world with nightmares, beasts capable of death on such a grand scale that soon there would not be enough people left to quarrel at all.

The god named Reaper sent his agent to take the most troublesome instigators from the world, he absorbed their essence to in turn make himself stronger so that he would not be stopped.

The god named First had his agent gather what leaders who would listen together, and drew up a treaty that they must sign.

The god named Last simply sent his agent to watch, and observe.

Chaos reigned in this time. No written records exist, and only the oldest tales are spoken in hushed words around fires survive.


There are many languages spoken on Aernos, however few have been documented.


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