The Age of Legal Capacity Act of 1954 is an Act of the Grand Washingtonian Assembly which set the Washingtonian age of majority (including the age of consent), known as the "age of legal capacity" locally, at the age of 16. Prior to the Act, the age of legal capacity was 18 years as decided in the pre-constitutional Court of Common Pleas case Paternaude vs. Travert, CP.


Notable provisions

  • Section 1: Definitions
    • ...
  • Section 2: Age of legal capacity
    • A: Any person over the age of sixteen (16) is considered a major and has full capacity to enter into any kind of lawful transaction.
    • B: Any person under the age of sixteen (16) is considered a minor and has limited capacity to enter into lawful transactions, as discussed in Section 3 below.
  • Section 3: Limited legal capacity for minors
    • ...
  • Section 3: Exceptions to general rule
    • ...

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