Ahiga Johnson
Ahiga Johnson.jpg
1st President of the Southwest Republic
In office
November 6, 2005 – Term expires November 6, 2013
Vice President Jessie Alcosto
Preceded by None
Personal details
Born Ahiga Matthew Johnson
January 11, 1969
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Political party Conservative
Residence Desert House (Official), Honeybee, Utah
Alma mater Dixie State University (Political Science)
Profession Political Activist
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ahiga Johnson is the first and current President of the Southwest Republic, in office since 2005. He is the first Native American to hold such a high position in any post-American nation. Prior to joining the Southwest secession government, Johnson was the Mayor of St. George, Utah, and popular among the southwestern portion of the state, due to his policies of improving the infrastructure and protecting Native American culture.


Early life

Ahiga Johnson was at the LDS Hospital on January 11th, 1969, to John Johnson and Nizhoni Davis. He was raised in Salt Lake City, where he attended East High School. During his time at East High, Johnson was a player for the football team, leading the high school to state championships. He also was member of yearbook and the chess club. Graduating in 1987, Johnson was accepted into Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, where he majored in politics and international relations. 

Early career

In 1997, Johnson ran for Mayor of St. George, citing his plans to increase funding to public services and education, improve the infrastructure, and protect Native American pyrogryphs that are scattered across southwestern Utah. He was elected Mayor of St. George in a slim majority over his opposition, Jack Ryan, who would later become his Secretary of State.

Core Beliefs

Johnson is a strong supporter for the first amendment, gun ownership and the second amendment, self defense rights, and capital punishment. Johnson, however, is against vigilantism, calling vigilantes "troublemakers" in a nice appearance. He has not stated his views on gay marriage or the rights of LGBT individuals. He does support stem cell research, dubbing the research operations and procedures the "War on Viruses". He does not support abortion under any circumstance. He is a strong supporter of torture against terrorists, but not civilians or prisoners of war. He does not believe in foreign interfernece, which he has stated leads to a more intense and violent combat situation for troops and civilians alike.

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