Aidanu ben Aestyriadeu
Raji of Scransea
Reign 1 August 2305 - present
Predessecor Aestyriadeu the Great
Chief of the National Guard
In office 2273 - 2309
Predecesssor Abanu ben Aestyriadeu Al Assod
Successor Mobarok ben Eldullah
Spouse Mishan bent Temon Al Gobal
Maryam bent Temon Al Gobal
Nyah Otaygun
Lana Merhidesem
Aida bent Hasyen Al Somod
About 8 other wives or more
Issues Prince Asad
Prince Adam
Prince Akmal
Princess Saha
Princess Ana
Prince Bastan
Prince Batr
Princess Faida
Princess Rizqya
Princess Jawahr
Princess Ishia
Prince Osumo
Possibly more children
Full name Aidanu Al Assod ben Aestyriadeu
House House of Assod
Father Aestyriadeu ben Maksemploy
Mother Rikka bent Bedal Al Gobal
Born 9 June 2239
Religion Sunni Islam

Aidanu Al Assod ben Aestyriadeu (born 9 June 2239) is the Raji of Scransea. He ascended to the throne on 1 August 2305 upon the death of his father, Raji Aestyriadeu. Aidanu is among the world's most powerful people ranked 5th globally, making him the most powerful Muslim.