Aik Malte
Aik Malte
Born Aik Hanaimani Malte Okmer
1974 28 August
Sula Manatoba, Matsua
Nationality Japanese-Natalian
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Title President of Nadu
Predecessor El-Sahel Onama
Political party Justice Party
Religion Malaisam
Spouse(s) Nami Malte(nee Hounadi)
Children Eze Malte(daughter)
Balochi Malti(son)
Parent(s) Oriya Yunnam(mother)
Paki Malte(father)

Aik Malte(born 1974 28 August)(age 37) is the current president of Nadu. He was elected in 2010 24 May when the final voted came in. He won the election by a 8.5:10 ratio.

Early life

Aik was born in Sula Manatoba, Matsua, with his parents Oriya Yunnam(mother) and Paki Malte(father). He went to school at Hyan Academy, a boarding academy 20 minutes from his house. He graduated at 17 and went to Kaddesha School of Politics(its pretty much a law school).When he graduated at age 26, he got his Bachelor's degree and a degree in all areas of government and politics. He then becme the governor of Sulutan. He got married to Nami Malte(nee Hounadi). A few years later he went into election for President in 2010. He won by 8.5:10 raio of all the votes. He currently resides at the Sauma Bhuama(Executive House in Nadau). He has a three-year son named Balochi born in 2009 and a 12-year-old daughter named Eze born in 1999.