Air Georgeland flight 192 was an Airbus A330 flight, scheduled to travel from Santa Christina to Istanbul on the afternoon of 1 April 2014. Five minutes into the flight, as the plane turned from Santa Christina International Airport over the city, the plane suffered a complete electrical failure. While pilots attempted to return to the airport and make an emergency landing, the plane lost altitude and control, and crashed on the northern coast of the bay, in the highly populated district of Northbay, approximately 100 metres from the large Northbay Shopping Centre. Upon impact, the right-side wing was sheared off, and a hole was ripped in the fuel tank. With a spark from impact, the fuel ignited as soon as the plane impacted, destroying the plane completely and damaging nearby buildings.

All 189 passengers and crew aboard the flight were killed, either on impact or in the explosion. A further 28 people on the ground are confirmed as killed, mostly from shrapnel as the plane's impact zone was a beach where few people were gathered. Another 89 people on the ground were injured, 24 severely.

The air crash was the worst aviation disaster in Georgeland's history, and only the fourth fatal crash involving Georgeland's national carrier. Of the 189 passengers and crew, 75 were Georgelanders, 21 were Turkish and 11 were Americans.

The impact zone remains cordoned off. On 3 April the remains of the airliner were largely removed from the crash site and sent to a storage facility. The Georgeland Air Safety Authority has commenced an investigation.

The President of Georgeland, Eileen Purves, Prime Minister Lawrence Porter and Mayor Campbell Rhodes have all played high-profile roles following the disaster, visiting victims and announcing assistance to rebuild damaged areas and contribute to the investigation.

As of April 4, investigators are examining the plane's flight recorder, which survived the crash, and communications between the plane and the ground, to discover what caused the electrical failure. It is believed that from takeoff there were problems which were not discovered until less than a minute before the crash.

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