The list shows airports that are served by China Southern Airlines as part of its scheduled passenger and cargo services. The list includes the city, country, the codes of the International Air Transport Association (IATA airport code) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO airport code), and the airport's name, with the airline's hubs, cargo and focus cities, as well as terminated stations marked.

HubMain Hub
^Focus City
[Cargo]Cargo service only
*Future route
[F]Terminated destinations
City Province Country IATA ICAO Airport
Aksu XinjiangTemplate:Flag iconPeople's Republic of ChinaAKU ZWAK Aksu Airport
AlmatyTemplate:Flag iconKazakhstanALAUAAAAlmaty International Airport
Altay XinjiangTemplate:Flag iconPeople's Republic of ChinaAAT ZWAT Altay Airport
AmsterdamTemplate:Flag iconNetherlandsAMSEHAMAmsterdam Airport Schiphol
Anshan LiaoningTemplate:Flag iconPeople's Republic of ChinaAOG ZYAS Anshan Airport
Ashgabat Template:Flag iconTurkmenistan ASB UTAA Ashgabat Airport
AstanaTemplate:Flag iconKazakhstanTSEUACCAstana International Airport [F]
Atlanta GeorgiaUnited StatesATLKATLHartsfield-Jakson Atlanta International Airport
Auckland Template:Flag iconNew ZealandAKLNZAAAuckland Airport

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