This is a list of major airlines based in the Allied States which have an Air Operator Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the Department of Transportation. In no particular order:

  • Southwest Airlines - Dallas, Texas
  • American Airlines - Fort Worth, Texas
  • Oceanic Airlines - New Bay City, Texas
  • AS Airways - Tempe, Apache
  • Continental Airlines - Houston, Texas
  • SkyWest Airlines - St. George, Apache
  • American Eagle Airlines - Fort Worth, Texas
  • Virgin America - Berlingame, San Andreas
  • Allegiant Air - Enterprise, San Andreas
  • Trans States Airlines - Bridgeton, Kansas
  • Mesa Airlines - Phoenix, Apache
  • Lynx Aviation - Denver, Rocky State
  • Great Lakes Airlines - Cheyenne, Rocky State
  • GoJet Airlines LLC - Brigeton, Kansas
  • ExpressJet Airlines - Houston, Texas
  • Pacific Wings Airlines - Dallas, Texas

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